What Happily Ever After can mean.

26 Aug

Earlier today I was reading the comments on this post¹ at the Smart Bitches blog. One of the commenters made a point of saying how unrealistic genre romance HEA is–people don’t live happily ever after, they must face all the things life throws at them over the years. Growing pains, unemployment, illnesses, differences of opinion, families.

As someone who is currently single and unattached–and not feeling very optimistic about change on this front, frankly–I embraced the idea articulated by another commenter: the HEA is the single most escapist aspect of romance. I’ll go one better and say that the HEA is what makes it so accessible to, and beloved by, so many people of different backgrounds, different educational, social and economic levels.

And then, I saw this video:

Who wants to bet that there were hard times, unhappiness, compromises and tears over the course of the years? And yet…

Life without her doesn’t seem right, like a dream. ²

Lucky, beloved Lorraine.

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Edited to add: and I would be quite remiss if I didn’t link to Read a Romance Month. Go,  read, enjoy.

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¹ For those who’d rather not follow the link, it’s about the often hilarious, hurtful, dismissive and plain ignorant reactions romance readers like me get from people around them–from family and friends to total strangers.

² Paraphrased from the last lines of the video.


3 Responses to “What Happily Ever After can mean.”

  1. Lea 26/08/2013 at 11:53 PM #

    Wow. Just…wow. I was a little teary at the very beginning just seeing the letters but by the end, well, you know. That is just such a sweet story. I don’t mind admitting I love me a HEA. Real life sucks at the best of times so if I can find something to watch, read or listen to that will make me happy for a couple of hours, then who cares how ‘unrealistic’ it is.

    Thanks for sharing a great clip AL. Loved it 🙂

  2. Christine 24/09/2013 at 12:50 PM #

    What a wonderful video.. there’s the proof right there that happily ever after is not a myth. It can and does happen. I never presume to think that the happily ever afters I read in romance novels (or other genres because those have it too..) reflect a life of effortless bliss every day, lots of rocking sex and whatever else makes relationships look easy and perfect from the outside. I imagine those characters having ups and downs like the rest of us in reality. Because only a fool would think happily ever after is void of bumps and blips and things that will annoy us about our partners forever. I wouldn’t trade the realistic roller coaster ride with a man who loves me for my flaws and all over a smooth sail where nothing challenges me or makes me continuously grow and learn and compromise. Where would the adventure be in that? Thanks so much for sharing!


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