Is it abuse or last resort rehabilitation?

13 Sep

(Also known as “this is why you shouldn’t read any youtube comment threads.”)


I have been aware, in a not too keen manner, of the existence of Cesar Millan, the so-called dog whisperer, for quite a while. However, it wasn’t until very recently that I actually watched any of his NatGeoWild videos (which are now posted by the channel itself to youtube).

If you watch more than a few of these, I don’t believe you can fail to be impressed by this guy in at least one regard: It is resoundingly evident that he is not afraid of any dog, regardless of size, behaviour or bite (yes, he’s been bitten on camera more than once, and at least one such bite was bad enough as to require a hospital visit).

You may or may not subscribe to what he describes as dog psychology–pack leadership, dominance, natural state of being, and so on and so forth. (I don’t, by the by.)

Regardless, whether or not you buy his theories on why dogs do what they do, or why his methods work, what is also glaringly obvious is that his methods do work.

When people are considering putting a dog down because he’s aggressive and this short, not terribly physically impressive guy shows up and demonstrates (again and again and again) that the dog’s aggression can be managed, controlled, redirected and, basically, eliminated, I cannot fail to be impressed–and convinced that the methods work. And frankly, I can’t care less about exactly why they work, as long as innocent dogs don’t have to die because people are afraid of them.

So far so good, right?

Then I ruin the experience by reading comments from imbeciles complaining about how the poor dog is being abused and how if this man did that to a person or child it would be called abuse and yadda yadda blah blah.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Please follow the argument to its logical conclusion:Let’s not “abuse” this dog in order to correct a behavior that endangers humans. Instead, let’s continue using the non-abusive methods that have not stopped the aggressive behaviour, until such a time the dog actually injures, mains or perhaps kills either another dog or a human being. Then let’s kill the not-abused dog, shall we?

Fucking asshole moron.


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