I’m positive it’s not you–or, how far I’m screwed by technology

16 Sep

Aaaaaaaaannnndddddd… trying again.

I am not necessarily scared of technology, as much as I don’t understand a lot of it, and I’m not curious enough about what little I understand, to learn more.

This has…mixed to interesting results.

For example, my previous computer died about a year and a half ago.

Since them, I have made loads of cute little things that I should put up in my Etsy store–but I have yet to figure out how to install the camera software so I can transfer the images from the camera to the computer and so on and so forth.

I have two printers sitting there collecting dust because…yeah, still haven’t been motivated enough to figure out how to re-install them.

Same with the webcam.

But the latest techno-snafu is not–I repeat, NOT–of my making. (Or not making.)

For the last many months now (practically since I bought the current POS, refurbished) my browser tends to crash without warning. I doesn’t matter if I have one tab or seven, video or text–suddenly, it just crashes. And crashes. And crashes, until I give up, turn the thing off and go read/make something/sleep/whatever.

(I’m skipping the cursing here, by the way.)

Then, more recently, the computer started restarting–by itself.

(Cue scary music, please.)

(And more cursing, particularly when I’ve forgotten to save whatever I’m working on.)

(Like, say, the first couple of drafts for this post…)


And finally, for the past several weeks–almost two months, I believe–my email account has gone utterly wonky. As in, I don’t seem to get emails that I know people have sent me. Hell, I’m not even getting spam (you know this shit is bad when you don’t get spam).

So, if you have sent me an email recently (and even perhaps not so recently), bear with me, I’m working on it. Thank you for your patience!

(If all else fails, I’ll start another account and try again.)

2 Responses to “I’m positive it’s not you–or, how far I’m screwed by technology”

  1. Lori 16/09/2013 at 5:46 PM #

    Do you transfer your pics using the little camera usb card?

    • azteclady 16/09/2013 at 7:31 PM #

      Actually, I don’t even know if my camera and/or computer allow for that–I used to do it via a (USB?) cable.

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