Assorted weirdness

24 Sep

Updated 06/07/17: I have become aware that Ms Green is not only transphobic, but that she is currently dating a white supremacists/Nazi wannabe/’alt-right’ guy. So, while there is a lot of good information and sex positivity in her channel for cisgender individuals, her online presence as a whole, and her current behaviour, speak of deeply held prejudices. “Dime con quién andas, y te diré quién eres” (you can tell who people are, by the company they keep), after all. If you are gender fluid, you probably will want to avoid watching.

Last night I found Laci Green’s SEX+ youtube channel and indulged in an veritable orgy of watching. If you have kids, I STRONGLY recommend you spend a few hours watching, choose a few and ensure your teen watches them. I cannot stress enough how I wish someone had been both knowledgeable enough and frank enough with me during my teens, to tell me half the stuff she’s talking about.


This morning I had an interview. It’s in-company, with the idea of finally moving on to a salary manager position. Was depressed once more at the fact that all the people in the corporate office I saw are these skinny blonde twentysomething women who haven’t worked facing the customers in their short privileged lives.

And yet, they are the ones making the decisions, God help me.


To cheer myself up a bit, I stopped at my only remaining local romance friendly used book store, where I dropped $30 I cannot afford (hey, that’s nine books, sue me).

Unfortunately, the books! all mine! to read! glow was smothered by the conversation held loudly by the clerk (not the owner, thank you baby Jesus) and another regular customer.

Why, you may ask?

Because these two otherwise lovely women, I’m sure, were loudly trashing President Obama and his wife, family, all democrats who have ever lived, as the dumbest and most ignorant people on the planet–while loudly praising George W Bush as an honest Texan who never took anybody’s bullshit, lied, dissembled or blamed anyone else for his own bullshit.

Excuse me? Where have you lived for the past decade, because it doesn’t seem it’s the same planet I did.


Then, I had an interesting exchange at a long time favorite forum of mine.

I had posted that I’m reading some old category romances (and I do mean old, mid- to late 80’s right now) and that I’m enjoying how well they are holding up.

By this, I mean that despite how much has (and hasn’t) changed in our misogynist society, it’s interesting to see several of them holding up so well (subversive, feminist themes and tropes).

Another forum member (you know him from this post) commented:

I sometimes don’t know where romance novel ends and porn begins. But that is ok.

Now, I don’t believe he was being sarcastic or dismissive, because I know him, but after decades of being put down for my reading choices, patience is worn so thin you can read fine print through it. My response, however, was pretty mild:

It’s a very easy answer, actually.

Porn engages your body, period.

Romance engages your emotions, even if/when/as it engages your body.

However, you have to be willing to read romance without prejudice to perceive the difference.


Romance as a genre is incredibly varied and wide in scope.

Erotic romance tends to focus on the physical aspects of love, and it can be graphic enough to arouse the reader

(aside: many a writer of both erotic romance and plain gold old erotica will tell you that writing convincing, let alone arousing, sex ain’t easy /aside),

but the key is whether or not whatever sex is happening on the page furthers the emotional connection of the characters, whether is highlights the depth of their relationship, etc.–and to be successful, erotic romance (like all romance, really) has to leave you convinced that the people involved have a fighting chance to make a go of their relationship, if not in the long term (the fabled Happily Ever After-HEA) at least for the near future (aka, Happy For Now-HFN)


And now, I’m writing a review of Nora Roberts’ 1985 Playing the Odds and eating Chinese.

Any weirdness in your life lately?


Edited to add: another week, another plagiarist gets caught. Robin/Janet over at Dear Author explains, very clearly, the differences between plagiarism and copyright infringement, as well as pointing out cases where they overlap. I’m adding the link to my copyright page.

2 Responses to “Assorted weirdness”

  1. twooldfartstalkingromanceLori 24/09/2013 at 10:36 PM #

    I refuse to discuss my life weirdness. But I’ll tell you, I have heard enough of those anti-Obama comments to wonder if the speakers have any idea how offensive and racist they are.


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    […] how on Tuesday, after a rather disappointing morning, I dropped by my only romance friendly used book store and bought a number of books? Well, it just […]

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