Synchronicity–yeah, it does happen

28 Sep

Isn’t it funny how, when you are into something, it seems like suddenly everyone else is into it as well?

Probably it’s just that one is more attuned to any mentions whatsoever of one’s current obsession, but this one instance struck me as particularly funny.

I am reading Elizabeth Hoyt’s Maiden Lane series right now–and enjoying the absolute bejeesus out of it.

Oh my good lord, I love it!


It all started a while back when I got Wicked Intentions during RWA 2010 and devoured it. Mid seventeen hundreds, the heroine is genteel poor and runs an orphan home in one of the most notorious and dangerous slums of the time in London. The hero is a Lord–a simple Baron, mind you!–with a reputation as a Greek scholar and as a sexual deviant. Ms Hoyt populates her world with numerous secondary characters (more than 20, in fact) with not only speaking parts, but enough personality as to be more than just named plot contrivances; they are not sequel bait, they are people you want to know better, whose stories you can’t wait to know. There is a number of plot threads running through the book, and only a handful of them seem to be solved by the novel’s end. The sex between hero and heroine is hot but never gratuitous, the conflicts between them are realistic–it’s never just a matter of “he can’t love me!” or “she’s too good for me!” or some other shorthand for “all the issues between the main characters would be solved if they could communicate like rational adults sometime.” And the solution to these problems is just dramatic enough to be convincing without being so neat it becomes a fairy tale no one beyond the age of six can buy.¹

*takes a breath*

Anyway, none of the sequels were out at the time, so I went on a hunt for Ms Hoyt’s backlist–and, much to my chagrin, discovered that I didn’t care terribly much for either her Four Soldiers or her Princes books. Oh, I enjoyed the Leopard Prince quite a bit, but simply couldn’t get into any of the other titles I had managed to get my hands on. And so, I sort of forgot about Ms Hoyt. Occasionally, her name would come up over at different blogs I read regularly, but for whatever reason I wasn’t particularly tempted to see what was going on, until…

I found a copy of Notorious Pleasures in the ever growing TBR Mountain Range of Doom (which as this point has taken over my bedroom, my firstborn’s former bedroom and is creeping, as we speak, towards the other kidlet’s former room). Now, I’m anal retentive enough that I’m not often surprised by what I find in the TBR, but this time I was honestly surprised–because of the mild, general and vague disappointment with Ms Hoyt’s non-Maiden Lane’s books (which was probably much keener due to just how much I had loved Wicked Intentions).

So I realized I had a copy of Notorious Pleasures, which obviously necessitated that I re-read Wicked Intentions–to get into the spirit of the thing, you might say–and then enjoyed the hell out of the second book as well. Hooray for series that hold up!


So what, you might wonder–if you’ve managed to keep reading this far–has any of this have to do with synchronicity?

Remember how on Tuesday, after a rather disappointing morning, I dropped by my only romance friendly used book store and bought a number of books? Well, it just so happens that three of those books were titles three to five in the Maiden Lane series–which, as a matter of course, I started to inhale (within the constraints of having to work for a living and other assorted real life annoyances).

And what would you know? On Thursday, up comes a great review of Wicked Intentions up at The Smart Bitches blogs, right at the same time that RR@H Novel Thoughts is holding a giveaway for the upcoming sixth book in the series, Duke of Midnight!

Coicidence, I ask ye?

Methinks not!


¹ If I ever manage to write a proper review, I’d give this book 8.50 our of 10

4 Responses to “Synchronicity–yeah, it does happen”

  1. Mad 29/09/2013 at 1:43 AM #

    Conspiracy! 😉

    • azteclady 29/09/2013 at 11:44 PM #

      If it was, it would have worked–but as it is, I’m getting the book regardless.

  2. Lori 29/09/2013 at 11:25 AM #

    You breathe out love and the world feels it on their cheeks.

    (Okay, I don’t know what that means but it sounded cool and I’m going with it.)

    • azteclady 29/09/2013 at 11:44 PM #


      (it does sound cool–thanks!)

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