Not quite there yet.

1 Jan

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because, as far as I can see, those are broken close to a hundred percent of the time, and what I need is change that sticks.

The past two years have been…

Challenging, depressing, difficult, at times veering on horrid (and this, despite knowing I have it a lot better than many other people out there–which doesn’t help, because it only makes me feel self-centered on top of everything else).

But I seem to have hit a wall sometime during my family’s Thanksgiving visit. I’ve started to make changes in how I spend my time away from work–small changes, mind you–and they seem to be working, helping me feel less hopeless and angry all the time. Given enough small changes, and small time for them to become habits, my goal is to get back to being myself, the self I like.

I faced some unfinished business in the personal front–that was one extremely difficult, if brief, phone call. Whether or not anything else happens, at least I know I did something about it.

I am being more proactive on the job hunt, expanding my parameters, being more open to possibilities. Who knows what will be the kick ass position that will fit me like a glove, right?

I’m being more assertive at my current work–being a doormat brings results to no one. Yesterday I asked my current manager if and when I’m going to get that miserable raise I’ve been waiting for, for the past nine months.

I am moving my crafting space out of my bedroom, one box at a time, which hopefully will alleviate some of the feeling of being overwhelmed as I try to craft (too many things in too reduced as space). I am taking the time to craft–little things, nothing earth shattering–almost every day.

I am writing a couple of reviews at the moment–and this is pretty momentous, considering I wrote a whooping what,  eight reviews in the whole of 2013–and hoping to stick with SLWendy’s 2014 TBR Challenge the whole year through this time.

Small things, in the grand scheme of things, but every little bit moving in the right direction, helps.

Lori at The Word Slut has a lovely New Year’s Day post (seriously, go read it), which she ends:

Bring it on 2014. We have some good times to embrace.

I confess I’m not quite there–yet.

I’m working on being there. I hope to be there, soon.

One Response to “Not quite there yet.”

  1. twooldfartstalkingromance 01/01/2014 at 11:56 PM #

    I’m hoping that a change is in store for you this year. I wish you less stress in 2014.

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