Life often imitates art–and this time, it was AWESOME!

11 May

Quick note: I will soon post actual thoughts on books and life and things. I do have something like three dozen reviews half written, and at least a dozen drafts for posts on different issues, but life presently has meant that I haven’t finished any of that. In the meantime, though, the world continues on, and occasionally, it’s for the better.

To whit:

Today Yesterday the first gay couple was legally married in the deep South. A clerk in Carroll County issued the first marriage license to a homosexual couple, and Jennifer Rambo and Kristin Seaton became the first same sex couple ever to marry in Arkansas. Congratulations, ladies, may love always illuminate your path and help you navigate life’s inevitable rough patches.

Also today yesterday, the first same sex marriage officiated at the U. S. Naval Academy–and despite nerves and some opposition, neither blood nor tears were shed on the way to this ceremony. Congratulations, David Bucher and Bruce Moats. May your love for each other stay strong against all obstacles throughout your life.

And finally, also today yesterday, the first openly American football player was drafted to the NFL–and you can watch the very moving video of his and his boyfriend’s reaction to that once-in-a-lifetime phone call here, among many other places.

Michael Sam made history when he came out before the draft, and he made history again today, when he shared his joy and his love on live television (as many, if not hundreds, professional athletes have done before him), simply because the love of his life is of the same sex.

A couple of months ago, sport commentators all over the spectrum were predicting how much Michael Sam’s courage and honesty had cost him. This guy, though? He nailed my thoughts on the matter:


If he weren’t a real person, Alan Sorkin could have written that monologue for Will MacAvoy (of Newsroom fame, my current bingeing TV show) and not improved on it one jot.

Bravo, Michael Sam, your courage lights the way for us all.


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