What the FCC vote on Internet neutrality means to every single person reading this.

16 May

I am appalled–though, sadly, not surprised–by the apathy with which so many people are responding to the current proceedings over at the FCC.

Today’s 3 to 2 vote basically means that the internet has been sold to the highest bidder–the big media corporations.

Once upon a time, people got up on arms about SOPA, PIPA and the like, but today? So many netizens go about their day ignorant or uncaring of what this proposal means to their…well, daily life.

You read blogs? You participate in forums? You stream content? You use email? You buy–or sell–anything online?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then what Chairman Tom Wheeler wants to do with the internet affects you–right now.

The current proposal means that someone else–someone with  vested interest to $$benefit$$ the wealthy few–will soon decide what you, and every other person belonging to that famoust 99%, have access to. And how much it’ll cost you to have that access.

For the sake of your private interests, for the sake of your ability to make informed political choices, for the sake of your freedom to express your opinion, in order to avoid an online environment where a religious majority can silence you, or where a corporation can disappear smaller, more innovative, less expensive competitors…please, raise your voice. Shake your apathy, fight that inertia, and do something.

Demand that the internet be reclassified as a utility, and that the half-assed “case by case” bullshit rules be canned.

Go to the FCC site, and make a comment or file a complaint (filling number is 22261)

Email Tom Wheeler and demand that he defends YOUR interests and your rights instead of those big pocket corporations he’s apparently working for at the moment.


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