Where the hell is aztec? (an update of sorts)

11 Jul

I just realized yesterday that a couple of weeks had passed between my Tardis post and the Laurens’ review I posted on Tuesday. It honestly hasn’t felt like that long, for a couple of reasons.

My life had been so…static? stagnant? for the last few years, it truly seemed like nothing ever happened. Days and weeks went by while I wasn’t paying attention, and yet, it never surprised me when I would look up and realized six weeks–or six months–had passed me by. Drudgery tends to have that effect on people, doesn’t it?

But since getting the new job, a number of things have happened one right after the next–some of them good, some of them excellent, a few of them not good, and a couple rather bad–and I truly haven’t had a lot of time to catch my breath, or for my emotions and my mind to settle. And so, I was in fact surprised when I realized how long it had been between posts.

(And rather irked at myself for how long it’s been between reviews)

In no particular order, some of the things that have happened:

  • eldest offspring is living with me for the nonce (could be a few months, could be a few years).
  • shower in second bathroom is not working properly (no hot water, little water pressure)–eldest offspring not impressed.
  • stove finally gave up the ghost, purchased new (cheapest possible) stove.
  • spent some much needed money on car maintenance, only to have the car make the same groaning noises when braking, or when turning in a tight space after it’s been in the sun for a few hours. (There’s something weird going on with the front right wheel.) Mechanic calmly and completely uninterestedly “explained” that cars like mine “make those noises” and I better get used to it. (Somehow, I’ve managed not to lose my cool over this yet.)
  • my power bill is just over twice as much this month than last month, and when I checked, my account shows that the power usage in my house tripled in the last thirty days…yet eldest offspring has only been here for less than two full weeks. (I’m feeling just slightly scared now…)
  • eldest offspring is dealing with some issues that likely come from my side of his genetic material. You may infer that this has…well, made it a little harder for me to deal with my own issues.
  • ex (who is a total dick to me but does love his kids) is trying to help…with mixed results. (Help: eldest offspring, not me–I’m thankful for small mercies.)
  • the new job continues to be great; it’s so amazing to feel appreciated, to be encouraged to question why things are done a certain way, to be creative, to find new (hopefully, better) ways to do things and be allowed to try them. To be shown how to do new things, and given responsibility for them.
  • interestingly, now that my availability at the other job is severely limited (after six on Fridays, any time on Saturdays, and no later than 8pm on Sundays), my hours are pretty much consistent from week to week–and my checks are well over half what I was making when I was forced to be available open to close seven days a week, because the asshat boss would give me random (and ever fewer) hours each week, but spread them over the five days.
  • for the first time in so long, I have forgotten just how long (but closer to fifteen years than to twelve, I believe), I have health insurance. And life insurance. And dental and vision coverage. I don’t know what to do with myself! (Except, I’m getting all sorts of appointments set in the next couple of months–right now I went with the PPO, but it may prove too expensive, which means I need to get as much out of it before the end of the year, when I may go for the cheaper (or even the cheapest) version offered by my employer)
  • a number of other things in my house are suddenly acting weird, or flat out breaking down–moral of the story: lack of maintenance does cost you in the long-ish run.
  • youngest offspring is in Europe for a few weeks–for the second time in three years. I miss her, but I love what’s she’s doing with her life, and can’t wait to hear all her stories.

There are a few more things, and a lot of detail glossed over, but you get the idea.

I feel encouraged by my reaction to reading a book I thoroughly didn’t enjoy–I didn’t just think about reviewing, and I didn’t just start the draft, then abandon it half way through. I sat down and wrote the review in one go–just like I used to do when I was reviewing two or three books a week, way back when. And it felt awesome. So, once more, here’s hoping for more from wherever deep hole in my psyche that came from.

So tell me, how is life treating you guys?


2 Responses to “Where the hell is aztec? (an update of sorts)”

  1. Lori 11/07/2014 at 1:37 PM #

    OMG! Yes! Get all the doctor’s appointments and everything done. Take advantage of having insurance and go all out. Yay and hooray!

    It does seem that life is never going to let you have an easy time. But glad the job is good (delighted, ecstatic) and having The Eldest there must be good for some things, yes?

    I’m just going to happy dance about the job stuff. You’re finally in a good place there and that’s something that when it’s bad sucks your entire life down. Now it isn’t.

    yay again.

    • azteclady 11/07/2014 at 3:12 PM #


      Thank you, so very much, Lori! I know well that you can relate to the job bit–when it sucks, it sucks ALL the joy out of life.

      As far as the eldest being here, yes, there are definite advantages–I know have someone who can change the litter boxes, trim the bushes in the front of the house and mow the grass in the back, as well as carry heavy stuff and reach for things in high shelves without having to fetch a ladder.

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