Rambling rant and other stories.

13 Aug

(Please keep in mind that this was written on Sunday afternoon. After Monday’s news, all the shit below seems petty, small, unimportant–and yet, life must go on, so here it is.)


I’m very tired–working seven days a week ain’t for sissies–and dealing with some family crap that has no easy solution has sapped the cheerfulness out of me. Feel free to skip to the more neutral bits at the end, or entirely ignore this one, and instead expect a review in the next couple of days.

~  *  ~

Please stop using the word hero for everything and everyone. It has a meaning, and if we live in a world where simple decency is hailed as heroism, then the rest of the things below that irk me are indeed the rule.

Via Dear Author, I heard about two Michigan asshats who are promoting a book to ‘educate’ children on the awesome thing that is open gun carrying–because obviously we don’t have five year olds shooting three year olds by mistake yet. And because you obviously need to carry a gun everywhere, from the grocery store to school or the  movies, in case you have to defend yourself against someone’s bad manners. But why stop there? Let’s also educate children on the evils of thinking that women are just as human as men. ’cause that’s just for nancy boys and feminazis, dontcha know.

No, no, it’s not a plain case of paranoia when you can’t go anywhere in the middle of the day without your gun, or when you can’t trust your child to use his brain to decide whether there is a difference between a feminist and a lesbian.

And here we think we are so much further advanced on human rights than Turkey, where a lawmaker last week actually chastised women for laughing in public. Because you know, that’s not modest and demure enough, and since men have absolutely no self control and, therefore, cannot be asked to bear responsibility for their hormones, it falls on women to “become the symbol of chastity.”

But the culture of entitlement does not stop here.

We have the photographer who claims copyright of images taken by–wait for it–a macaque. Because a monkey playing with a camera is totally equivalent to an assistant signing a contract ceding intellectual property rights to his/her employer.

We have the comic artist–who hasn’t produced any new material in years–sending DMCA notices to a tumblr which exists solely to discuss (and mock) inaccurate and misogynist portrayals of women in comics.¹

We have Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s estate trying to extort licensing fees from publishers and writers for works that are in the public domain. (In case anyone doubts it, Disney was probably looking at this with extreme interest–it’s only been what, seventy years of the Mouse? The poor family needs those royalties, dammit!)

And we have a bunch of plagiarists being found out, crying that the world is mean to them, and justifying their theft to hell and back.

Without even going into politics or the state of the world, that’s plenty enough to depress the hell out of anyone, isn’t it?

~  *  ~

On the positive side, I’m very happy with the new job. I hadn’t realized just how shitty my manager at the other job routinely made me feel, until now that pretty much everyone around me tells me often that I’m capable, skilled, intelligent, hard working, and that they are happy I’m working here.

Exhausted as I am, sleep is still elusive.

Which means I’ve been reading up a storm.

I’m writing reviews–and rants–for several books, but just to give you an idea: in the past week I’ve read Sherry Thomas’ The Hidden Blade, Sarah M Anderson’s Mystic Cowboy, Sarah Rochon’s The Rebound Guy, Dahlia West’s Shooter, Courtney Milan’s The Countess Conspiracy and The Heiress Effect, Moira Rogers’ Wilder’s Mate and Zoë Archer’s Skies of Gold.

I don’t know that I will write reviews for all of these, but I have three of them in the works right now.

~  *  ~

The random note of the day: in the past fifteen or so years I’ve grown my hair out to donate to Locks of Love. I’ve done this for many reasons: my hair grows pretty fast, so in less than two full years I would have grown enough length to donate to them, plus it gave me a nice excuse to do nothing with my hair (no dyeing, no styling, no fuss and no muss–loose, braid, ponytail or bun), and saved me money, since it required no maintenance cuts.

Sadly, my hair is growing a lot slower these days, to the point that it’s been the full two years and I still need at least two more inches to go. Plus, I’m getting some white hairs around my face (I blame the offspring), which s a lot more noticeable with longer hair than with short, and since I’m not dyeing my hair anytime soon, it’s time to give up and wear it short, forever more.




 ¹ He apologized via Facebook–though, I can’t help but notice, there’s one tepid line of true apology lost in a paragraph of justification.

2 Responses to “Rambling rant and other stories.”

  1. Lori 13/08/2014 at 7:27 PM #

    yay about the job. After all this time, you deserve to know that you’re valuable.

    The rest is total asshattery. It’s hard to even deal with.

    Why are there so many morons?

  2. vanessa jaye 30/08/2014 at 9:10 PM #

    What Lori said – yay on the job that acknowledges your worth! Everything else, shrug it off. And here’s hoping the day comes in the not too distant future that you don’t have to work 7 days/week.

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