Yes means Yes–hell, yeah!

29 Sep

I’ve often spoken here and elsewhere about women’s right, sexual violence and misogyny, so reading about the passing of the Yes means Yes Sexual Assault Rule makes me very happy indeed.

This is great news about a big step in the right direction. We are finally taking open measures to educate everyone on women’s rights–which, it is my hope, will bring about equality for men as well as women.

Kudos to California–and boo hiss to the idiots that say that passing this law is tantamount to “presume the guilt of the accused.”

For too long the presumption has been that woman who file reports of rape are liars and whores, it’s about time the shoe was in the other foot.

So, ladies and gentlemen out there: the only way for a woman–or a man!–to consent to have sex, is for that individual to say YES. For their sake and your own, never assume that just because they don’t scream “no,” they are actually eager for you to put your sexual organs–or hands, mouth, or proxies thereof–near their bodies.

2 Responses to “Yes means Yes–hell, yeah!”

  1. twooldfartstalkingromance 29/09/2014 at 1:18 PM #

    I had a wonderful argument with my brother about this. He’s against it because we don’t need more laws, we just need to follow the ones we have. I tried to explain this is a simple rule that shouldn’t be necessary but is: if she doesn’t say yes, then it’s a no. Until men learn that it becomes necessary to enforce by law.

    And even more, it keeps the police and prosecutors from ever suggesting its the victim’s fault.

    More laws protecting women? How dare they /sarcasm

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