Ellora’s Cave v Dear Author – how you can help.

30 Sep

Ellora's Cave sues Dear AuthorI will continue to update the list of links in my original post on this matter, but I believe that this is more pressing to get before you.

Jane posted a very brief update on the proceedings:

Today there was a temporary injunction hearing.  During the hearing the judge did not grant the injunction, but did request that we come back for a more thorough hearing, where we would be able to provide evidence  in our defense.

Truth is an absolute defense to defamation.

Therefore, If you are willing, I need help with the following:

Individual authors, editors, cover artists willing to testify, either in person, via telephone or in an affidavit to payments made/not made.

It would be best if you could testify in person, but a sworn written statement will be adequate.

Additionally, if you have any Screenshots of any public statements regarding Ellora’s Cave, those would be helpful too.

You can reach me at jane@dearauthor.com.

Thank you in advance.

A common theme to the comments left at all the pertinent threads at Dear Author and elsewhere is that we want to help Jane squash this. For her, because holy hell, does she deserve it after all she’s done and continues to do for readers and authors! And for ourselves, because if a lawyer blogger is silenced, what hope do I or you have?

So there you have it, a tangible way to help, right here, right now.


For those of you who feel you cannot speak up publicly, that you cannot risk yourself this way–either because you are afraid of reprisals or because you don’t want to break the confidentiality clause in your contract, the amazing, strong and generous Courtney Milan has addressed your fears and offered to help:

If you are an author, an editor, or a cover-artist who would testify as to the truth of the statements Jane made, but for the confidentiality clause, contact me. If there is enough interest from those who would testify but are afraid for confidentiality reasons, I will look into finding a lawyer to accompany you to the hearing–someone whose job it is to represent your interests, and to make sure that you’re speaking up to the maximum allowed without putting yourselves at risk.

Let us speak up, let us not be silenced–not now, not ever.


And to Jane and Ms Milan, all my respect. You lead by example.

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