More to say about Ellora’s Cave v Dear Author

30 Sep

Ellora's Cave sues Dear AuthorWhile my original post regarding the vexatious defamation lawsuit that EC has filed against Dear Author and Jane Litte  will remain on the top of the blog for the time being, as I update the list of links from authors, bloggers, etc., I think a separate post is necessary to highlight a few things and several people.

Warning: NSFW image within.

First off, I was ecstatic to learn yesterday morning that Jane retained Marc Randazza to represent her and Dear Author in Ohio. It just so happens that Mr Randazza comes highly recommended by one of my favorite non-romance bloggers, Mr Popehat himself, Ken White.

This is most excellent news. The perfect combination, you know? A defamation lawsuit filed with the apparent intention of chilling speech (by scaring unpaid authors, cover artists, editors, etc) and a lawyer who specializes in First Amendment law and often works such cases pro bono, because he believes in the right of people to speak up.

Wonder how this will work out for Ellora’s Cave and Tina Engler/Jaid Black.


In my wanderings online, I happened to see that The Los Angeles Times picked up the story. Now I’m waiting for EC to sue them for defamation as well–I mean, they actually quoted Jane’s The Curious Case of Ellora’s Cave post, didn’t they? And, oh the horrors, they also repeat some of the facts Jane listed in that very same post.

(Yeah, not holding my breath for that one.)


Karen Scott–the person who encouraged me to review more and who trusted me enough to offer me a place in her blog over six years ago–took a few minutes to remind us all that EC’s founder Tina Engler/Jaid Black married a convicted murderer.

Like you do.

Then TE/JB gave an interview where she compared serving a sentence for murder with slavery.

Because those are totes similar situations.


While I blog, I’m really the next thing to a Luddite. I don’t have a Facebook account–and the more I learn about their lack of principles, the less likely I am to ever get one. I don’t have a Twitter account–and considering that it seems to be heading in a similar direction as Facebook, ditto.

People I like and admire, though, they are all over those things.

Like, say, awesome romance author and kickass woman Courtney Milan, who started the #not chilled hashtag on Twitter for those people who are in a position to brave drawing the wrath of EC and Tina Engler/Jaid Black.

(As an aside: I do understand why some of the people whose blogs I usually read have not spoken up–not everyone can afford to defend a lawsuit, however merit-less it may be–hell, I can’t–so I am not judging them for remaining silent. As Ms Milan has said somewhere, each person does what the person has to do–it’s a very personal decision, period. At the same time, I am incredibly proud of the people who have stood their ground and spoken up.)

Anyway, no having a Twitter account is not an obstacle to reading what people have to say there. Being terminally curious, I spent some time this afternoon, reading a few of the conversations going on around the defamation suit.

From many of the things I’ve been reading online over the years–see Karen Scott–I knew TE/JB is not precisely the classiest broad out there, and yet I was a tad surprised to see the status image she posted to her Facebook five days ago.

Never let it be said that I would simply take someone’s word for such a thing. Malicious people can and do all sorts of things to discredit people they don’t like, after all. So in the interest of not posting something that might not have been true, I did a very quick search:

Jaid Black status photo on September 24 or 25 - screenshot taken September 29 2014

(click to embiggen)



On the other hand, classy lady Carolyn Jewel has some wise advice for Ellora’s Cave authors–well, for all authors who are uneasy about the solvency and practices of their publisher(s).


Readers, if you are looking for non-EC books by your favorite EC authors, here’s where you can find them (NSFW).

Authors, if you want your non-EC books to be promoted, fill out this form


And finally, courtesy of the lovely Kaetrin and the talented Lou from the Book Pushers, I have a button that’ll take you directly to the conversation on Twitter.

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