To even the scales (GoFundMe) (tangential to EC v DA)

7 Oct

Ellora's Cave sues Dear AuthorMost of you know that SBSarah and Jane chose to use crowdfunding service GoFundMe to raise funds for the Dear Author/Jane Litte legal defense because it provides a relatively easy mechanism for refunds.

Jane, who is already bearing all the stress of the vexatious defamation lawsuit Ellora’s Cave filed against her late last month, decided to use up to $20,000 of her own money before even dipping into the fund (please note: many of us don’t want a refund, we want Jane to use the funds raised before she touches any of her own money).

Anyway, I know many of us rushed to donate without even registering what service was used–the issue of free speech and silencing people whose own livelihood is at stake too important to delay. Soon, though, the issues with GoFundMe were raised–for example, by Sonomalass at her blog and by Ridley, here:

A reminder that GoFundMe profits off the murders of black men and boys and helps their murderers escape prison time. Also, GoFundMe is not “neutral.” You can use their platform to help someone get away with murder, but you can’t use it to fund an abortion.

These concerns moved both SBSarah and Jane to come up with alternative means to donate–see at the bottom here.

As I explained to Carolyn:

I did a quick search and found what I believe are the two instances that have provoked an ongoing boycott of GoFundMe.

The earlier was that it allowed extremely racists comments to be posted to two different fundraising campaigns to benefit the cop who shot Michael Brown in Ferguson. Here’s an example:

“( )a donator going by Brady Moody thanked the all police for being “the ‘Thin Blue Line’ protecting normal Americans from aggressive and entitled primitive savages.”Apparently, even though comments for both these fundraisers have been disable, the fundraisers were left open (presumably until their goals were reached or their time was up).

The second incident involved removing a fundraising effort to fund a second trimester abortion, apparently on the basis that:

“In the event that a campaign contains questionable content, GoFundMe will conduct an internal content review to determine the most appropriate course of action. Given the sheer volume of campaigns, each review is handled on a case-by-case basis.”The inescapable conclusion is that, in GoFundMe’s eyes at least, allowing fundraising by openly racist assholes is apparently not questionable, but a woman’s right to chose, totally is.

And, according to their Wikipedia entry, they will allow fundraising for anti-abortion/anti-choice initiatives.

For many of us, at least one if not both these stances by GoFundMe are deeply problematic. Of course, once one has donated, that ship is well and truly gone. In the words of Courtney Milan, “I fucked up, what do I do about it?”

Ms Milan suggested on twitter making an equal value donation to Color of Change, an organization designed to empower black US citizens, to give their voices more weight, to bring equality between all different races a bit closer.

If the amount already given to the Dear Author/Jane Litte legal defense fund is too high for any one donor to double with a second donation, Meoskop suggests:


(By the way, anyone else suddenly struck by what else are GFM is an acronym for?)

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