The other side of the coin

11 Oct

So yesterday I was seeing red, I was so angry.

This morning I feel better about humanity–because there are some girls and women who are not taking that shit laying down.

You’ve probably already seen this, but if you haven’t, behold McKenna Peterson’s letter to her local sport goods store about the careless, pervasive misogyny displayed in their latest catalog:

It’s obvious the Peterson’s are doing something right, for McKenna not only to immediately spot what was so wrong with the catalog, but for her first impulse to be to make her opinion known and her voice heard.

It is my experience that not all men who have daughters get it–in fact, I’ll say most men who have daughters don’t get it. So it’s always encouraging when we encounter one who has internalized equality the same way most of society has internalized misogyny and rape culture.


Because I have no idea how long tweets are available, here’s the screencap_

McKenna Peterson letter to Dick's Sports Store


One Response to “The other side of the coin”

  1. Lori 11/10/2014 at 2:49 PM #

    I admire the girl for her voice and spirit but am saddened beyond belief that the message she’s being given is that she doesn’t matter as an athlete. And there are still women who say they don’t need feminism. Jay-sus.

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