And you think there is no rape culture here?

24 Jan

It has been almost 32 years since Cheryl Ann Araujo was brutally and publicly gang raped in Big Dan’s in New Bedford, MA.

It has been almost 27 years since the case, and the systemic societal condemnation of rape survivors, was immortalized in the movie The Accused.

At the time, the late Roger Ebert, in his review of the movie, wrote:

“The Accused” demonstrates that rape victims often are suspects in their own cases. Surely they must have been somehow to blame. How were they behaving at the time of the crime? How were they dressed? Had they been drinking? Is their personal life clean and tidy? Or are they sluts who were just asking for it? I am aware of the brutal impact of the previous sentence. But the words were carefully chosen, because sometimes they reflect the unspoken suspicions of officials in the largely male judicial system.

I wonder who will find the film more uncomfortable – men or women? Both will recoil from the brutality of the scenes of the assault. But for some men, the movie will reveal a truth that most women already know. It is that verbal sexual harassment, whether crudely in a saloon back room or subtly in an everyday situation, is a form of violence – one that leaves no visible marks but can make its victims feel unable to move freely and casually in society. It is a form of imprisonment.

More than a quarter of a century later, and nothing has truly changed.

Now not only do we still deal with the assholes of both genders who automatically assume rape victims actively ask for it.

Now we also have all the assholes of both genders who, when rape culture is brought up, dismiss the entire issue as that leftist, feminist, political correctness bullshit.

Oh but, those men who just don’t want to see reality will say, surely this is an exaggeration.

Surely, indeed.

Behold, but a sample of this exaggeration that women often indulge in:

Rape is not a 'left' issue, it's a human issue

Vanderbilt June 2013 rape - there's a pill for that.

“Wow. You really have issues. I’ll bet they have a pill for that”


Take a look at this news piece about the trial of four–out of six–football players at Vanderbilt, back in June 2013.

The alleged victim…the assault might have happened…he didn’t have sex with the victim

Fuck you, assholes. There is video of the assault–taken by the fucking rapists.

But, but, it’s not their fault! They were drunk

And yet, when the woman who is raped is drunk, then she was asking for it, and should consider herself responsible for her own assault.

But but, there’s a culture of drinking and sex at that college, so it’s not like he should be personally responsible for his fucking actions.

What is he, a lemming?

No, actually, he is clearly not a lemming, since he was the one egging on the other fuckers who physically assaulted the woman he had gotten drunk–and probably roofied, given the fact that she passed out so deeply.

She was raped, she is a fucking survivor, and may all the dickholes who participated, and those who afterward watched the video of the attack (and you know some did, because of course assholes of this magnitude would share their exploits with their asshole friends)…may all of you get a fucking police record as a sexual offender.


And you, @BearBrubaker, anonymous coward that you are, may you be as richly rewarded by karma as you deserve.


Vanderbilt June 2013 rape 1

Vanderbilt June 2013 rape 2

Vanderbilt June 2013 rape 3

Vanderbilt June 2013 rape 4

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