Guess who may be called in to testify? (EC v DA)

1 Feb

Ellora's Cave sues Dear Author(Update at the bottom)

This is not a post, but a by gleeful and snarky Hah! you are karma’s bitch, you dick! drive-by.

Courtney Milan has a new, brief post on the few developments in the EC v DA defamation case this past week, wherein she explains the differences between a motion to dismiss and a motion for summary judgement (this came up here).

The one thing in there that makes me grin so hard my face hurts is this:

  • if it comes to pass that, after Ellora’s Cave and company present their discoveries *snort* any time this century would be good, and
  • if after Jane Litte and Dear Author ask for summary judgment,
  • if is denied (big if, though) then
  • the defendants get to call some witnesses

Who, do you think, would be first on that list? If you guessed “TiNut” on the very first try…well, it was an easy one, but you still get a cookie. And perhaps some popcorn.

Here is how the TiNut appears on that witness list:

The Pub Net Twitter account has made a series of statements on Twitter since the outset of this case, that are with obvious knowledge of the case at hand.  The author behind this Twitter account will have additional information as to the operations of Ellora’s Cave.

Oh yes, it will.

Edited to add: oh and parties can still be added, until February 25th. Considering that the original complaint claimed that Tina Engler had been defamed, and that (if I understand this correctly, I am not a a lawyer, this is not legal advice) one entity cannot file a lawsuit for defamation on behalf of another…wouldn’t it be lovely to have Tina Engler joined?

As usual, hat tip to Deirdre Saoirse Moen for hosting all the documents in the docket here.

~ * ~

Another update: well, well, well…some people really cannot shut up. Behold, fresh from #notchilled, courtesy of TiNut…could it be libel?

TiNut - isn't it libel to accuse JL of 'many cases of libel'

I’m wondering if it is libel for TiNut to accuse Jane Litte, in writing, of “many, many cases of LIBEL and MALICE” (all caps abuse is responsibility of TiNut). That would be just too delicious to bear, wouldn’t it?

A word to TiNut: you cannot outbitch Karma. When you try, you only entertain the bystanders.

5 Responses to “Guess who may be called in to testify? (EC v DA)”

  1. Rowena 13/02/2015 at 12:09 PM #

    Wow, I just can’t even…wow.


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