Negligence, alright.

3 Feb

I have posted before about my concern for the state of gun laws in this country. Yes, I know, second amendment rights and all that good shit.

My problem is that again and again, and again, we see evidence that even ‘good’ people who own guns are not particularly responsible with them.

This–a toddler shooting his father and his pregnant mother–is the second well-publicized incident of this nature in a many weeks. Last May, a three year old shot his eighteen month old brother. I have no doubt there are plenty more that don’t make the news, for whatever reason.

Then we have the many instances of scared armed people shooting innocents–sometimes their own family members–by accident. Or people who lose their tempers and go for their guns without giving themselves a few minutes to cool off and realize what the fuck they are actually doing.

Hell, we have parents and supposedly trained professionals giving a nine year old girl an Uzi, with predictable results.

For every person who says how they grew up with guns, that the constitution affords them the right to own and carry them, that the citizenry must be able to defend itself if/when the government steps out line,¹ and so on and so forth, I can bring up a victim of irresponsible gun ownership.

No, I don’t have any good answers or easy solutions, I just think things need to change soon.

 ~  *  ~

¹ Have you seen the weaponry available to most police departments, even in medium to small towns? I don’t think your average gun toting citizen stands a chance myself, but what do I know, right? I’m just a legal resident who pays taxes so that the legal representatives elected by actual citizens can take up with the gun lobby.²

² For the nuance impaired: this is my opinion, and therefore not libel.

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