Is this a troll? Why, I do believe it is! (EC v DA)

12 Feb

Updated (twice) (thrice) (four times) below

So our lady of the trolls, one TiNut that many of my gentle readers remember for the utter absurdity of her…its…her tweets, was listed first in the list of witnesses that DA and JL handed the court.

After a last salvo of stupidity on February 3rd, wherein TiNut defiantly stated that it/her/they will not be a witness for the defense, the account has been silent–on Twitter, that is, because apparently the scouts for EC erm…publisher protection managed to whine, in writing, to Judge Adams.

Courtney Milan is graciously hosting the letter here, and I’m hoping she’ll post more about what it means.¹

Personally, I wonder how that “we will not be a witness for the defense” would hold up were a subpoena issued. I cannot imagine a federal judge being all, “oh, you don’t want to show up? that’s fine, we can do without you in the stand, no need to bestir yourself, darling.”

But then, I do not claim to be a lawyer or a law student.

~ * ~

Ms Milan has answered some tweets on the topic, starting here. Also, here’s the letter from the judge to both parties’ counsel.

~ * ~

Edited to add: by the way, the quotient of ridiculous was upped exponentially by this filing.

~ * ~

And TiNut’s is back and feeling smug and triumphant.

TiNut returns, continues to be an imbecile

I wonder if anyone has explained that just because the judge filed the letter doesn’t mean Marc Randazza is going to give up calling her…it…her as witness.

Also, it would seem from the said letter (what little sense can be made of it) that TiNut assumes (heh) that Judge Adams will grant her immunity from subpoenas because she…it…she is clearly against DA and JL. Who else finds it fantastically funny for self-proclaimed lawyers and law students to not have heard of hostile witnesses?

~ * ~

The ever awesome Ms Milan has indeed posted some more–behold, The nut takes a bow! #notchilled

5 Responses to “Is this a troll? Why, I do believe it is! (EC v DA)”

  1. Lori 12/02/2015 at 4:06 PM #

    That letter was fantastic! Jane Litte runs a gang. I love it. And we know it’s true because Stop the Goodreads Bullies said so.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if the person behind the nut wasn’t Tine Engler but the Goodread Bullies loon?

    • azteclady 12/02/2015 at 4:23 PM #

      the STGRB’s connection was posited by Ann Somerville, but honestly? The brand of irrationality is too similar to other Tina rants, so I’m firmly on the “oh how it’ll smart when it comes out it was you behind this bullshit, you little idiot.”

  2. nurcat 12/02/2015 at 4:21 PM #

    Well, he/she/their grammar’ s dreadful. But I really can’t stop chuckling at the thought of Jane Litte as “A Vicious Troll”. & gang leader.

    • azteclady 12/02/2015 at 4:25 PM #

      If you check out TiNut’s tweets, you’ll be treated to the same random capitalization, repetition, non-sequiturs, absurdity, etc.

      Apparently, in the universe that TiNut rules, repetition ad nauseam will make stupid statements into reality.


  1. Karen Knows Best - 12/02/2015

    […] Go there. […]

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