So tell me, Jaid Black, why the fuck do you care? (EC v DA)

17 Feb

We have TiNut telling us that she…it…she is not–I repeat, emphaticallynot connected to Ellora’s Cave. No siree bop, it’s right there on their profile.¹

And we have Jaid Black aka Tina Engler telling us and everybody that she and Ellora’s Cave have nothing whatsoever to do with TiNut. Hell, she welcomes a subpoena for that twitter account!

Jaid Black still talking about the suit - December 23 2014

Then, I wonder, why the fuck would Jaid Black care whether or not Angela James mocks TiNut?

JB-TE on professionalism to Angela James

It’s not as if they are affiliated or anything, right?

Bonus: Jaid-give-you-the-finger-Black lecturing both Angela James and Courtney Milan on professionalism.

JB-TE on professionalism to Courtney Milan

That’s a heaping serving of what the actual fuck right there.

~ * ~

Edited to add: because the exchange is jawdroppingly amazing in its ignorance, and because these things do tend to get memory holed, here’s your screenshot.

~ * ~

¹ Of course, she…it…she also insists that she…it…she is a legal blogger while not understanding shit about crap, so take her word with a ton of salt.

3 Responses to “So tell me, Jaid Black, why the fuck do you care? (EC v DA)”

  1. Julaine 17/02/2015 at 8:44 AM #

    Honestly, how stupid does someone have to be to think anybody is buying what EC & PNut are so desperately trying to sell? Every lie exposed, faulty logic refuted, embellishment noted just leads to even more lies. If EC has any hope of continuing it needs to track down PNut and throw their router into the nearest body of water.

  2. Lori 17/02/2015 at 3:50 PM #

    Tina needs any friend she can get since she’s up the creek with no paddle. Unfortunately, her ‘friends’ are worse than she is.


  1. “The Lady Always Wins” by Courtney Milan | Her Hands, My Hands - 13/03/2015

    […] Cave brought against Dear Author and Jane Litte, or my admiration for her professionalism when confronted by people who would be better served keeping their mouths shut and sitting on their hands instead […]

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