According to TiNut, you know who should live on…

19 Feb

Ellora's Cave sues Dear Authorthe respect of an anonymous twitter account (if not “fucking wishes”)?

For starters, all those greedy Ellora’s Cave authors and other contractors who want to be paid monies owed them, accurately and on time.

But also successful self-published authors, like Hugh Howey or Courtney Milan.

Yes, indeed, our little TiNut is very angry that Ms Milan can afford to write full time, because (drinking game! get ready!)

being a successful self-published author makes Courtney Milan not respectable–yet TiNut believes that Jaid Black and company are “charming.”

being a successful self-published author means that Courtney Milan has no dignity–I’ve got nothing for this one.

being a successful self-published author means that Courtney Milan is no longer professional–oh yes, because choosing this as your facebook profile image is the epitome of professionalism.

being a successful self-published author makes Courtney Milan just another greedy slush piler–this from the poster child of self published authors, the one with a basketful of rejections.

being a successful self-published author means that the RWA will ban Courtney Milan–RWA will ban…a member in good standing who has just been elected to the board?


By now you probably need a moment, yes? No worries, we’ll be here.

~ * ~

Let us remember, for those not following #notchilled too closely, that TiNut is the genius who has repeatedly stated that a tax lien is a Government approved loan for particularly successful businesses. In TiNut’s logic, only massive corporations with surplus cash are savvy enough to get these special loans.

You may want to filter anything TiNut ever says through that particular lens.

~ * ~

If, despite everything, you are still hungry for more mindboggling irrationality and random capitalization, here you are:

Authors should stay with Ellora’s Cave and be respectful to the publisher–apparently, that’s what makes an author successful. Not selling books or making money of their writing, dog forbid.

But then, in TiNut ‘logic,’ a publisher is a life partner and Ellora’s Cave is a massive and respected corporation on track to merge with one of the Big 5.

Talk about fucking wishes.

There are many more nuggets of shit coming out of the TiNut account, but trying to read through that peculiarly EC centric and TE/JB worshipful viewpoint is enough to give anyone capable of actual critical thinking a migraine. Still, anyone who wants to give it a shot, Deirdre Saoirse Moen has a .pdf of the tweets from that account, up to January 16 (I believe), here. (updated link here)

This is pure speculation, based on my firm opinion that TiNut is Jaid Black–if not 100% of the tweets, at least 95%–but I think that a lot of the virulence from the TwitNut stems from Ms Milan’s idea to start #notchilled, this really cool podcast with Sarah of the SmartBitches, and all the great, continued analysis of the legal shenanigans at her blog.

But hey, apparently there is hope for Ms Milan:

TiNut giving advice to Courtney Milan

TiNut is not only thicker than a brick wall, she’s also conceited as hell, isn’t she?

Why thick as a brick wall, you ask? The one who repeats the same tweet a dozen times in a matter of fifteen minutes–only with more caps per iteration–yet accuses anyone who disagrees with her, or asks her to provide backing for the stupid statements she spews, of being trapped in a ‘stupid loop’ and being ‘mega stupid.’

She’s also the one who insists that everyone posting to #notchilled is a member of Jane Litte’s gang and a ‘slush piler.’ Never mind the many published authors–such as Deirdre Saoirse Moen–and former Ellora’s Cave customers–hi there, Julaine!–who participate there regularly.

Stupid is, indeed, as stupid does, n’est pas?

~ * ~

Want screenshots? Here, have a few!

TiNut doesn't respect self published authors 0

TiNut doesn't respect self published authors

TiNut on greed and stupidity

TiNut on the future 'tweeter-commenter LIBEL case'

There, some schadenfreude to go with all that popcorn.

~ * ~

Edited to add two more, courtesy of Deirdre Saoirse Moen:

TiNut - It's a loan if the government agrees

TiNut - and we have 15 million in account

How can an entity not affiliated with Ellora’s Cave know exactly how many millions there are in that bank account? I cannot tell you, I just record what I see for posterity.

5 Responses to “According to TiNut, you know who should live on…”

  1. Rowena 19/02/2015 at 1:11 PM #

    Reading through all of this is on one hand laughable but on the other hand, frustrating. Gah.

    • azteclady 19/02/2015 at 1:18 PM #

      If I spend more than say, ten minutes? skimming through TiNut’s tweets, I get a headache.

      And the contradictions just kill me, mostly because they keep coming.

      First it’s, “oh I’ll be happy to testify, subpoena me!” Now it’s, “I know nothing, why you calling me to testify?”

      Or, “EC fired (however many) of its editors to ‘trim the fat’ and right the ship” to “EC has surplus cash, they don’t need to stinking loans!”

      Just… :headdesk: worthy, one after the other after the other.

  2. Deirdre 19/02/2015 at 9:14 PM #

    Don’t forget the bank account with $15M:

    Hot off the press, updated PDF of @pubnt’s tweets (syncing, so may take a bit to get there):

    • azteclady 19/02/2015 at 10:06 PM #

      Thank you kindly, Ms Deirdre, updated above.

      Tangent, back to Randazza trying to get attorney fees in defamation cases, this from his Wikipedia page:*

      Righthaven complained of what it called Randazza’s “scorched earth judgment enforcement efforts” in its legal filings. This is consistent with Randazza’s use of the Latin term murum aries attigit when he defends defamation cases.

      *I am perfectly aware this is not a very reliable source, but it jives with what I’ve read about him on blogs such as Popehat.

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