Introducing the Celibacy Challenge!

21 Feb

Some of my gentle readers may remember that, for a couple of decades, the FDA had a policy banning gay men, for life, from donating blood. No matter how healthy, or how rare their blood type, if they admitted to being gay, they were banned.

There was a reason for that–then.

There is no reason for that, now, and so many people rejoiced when we heard a new policy was coming out.

Except the new policy doesn’t really change much, does it?

This is where Alan Cumming comes in. Behold, The Celibacy Challenge!

I particularly like this:

Straight guys can have safe sex with woman after woman and still donate blood. But gay and bi men who have had safe sex for an entire year — even with a monogamous partner — would still be banned. Sounds like discrimination to us.

Yes, it does sound like discrimination. Because it is.

One Response to “Introducing the Celibacy Challenge!”

  1. Julaine 21/02/2015 at 7:46 AM #

    This, this makes me so mad. Just when I think the we, as human beings, are making progress, this kind of crap pops up and reminds me that for some, deep seated prejudices & fears are just thinly hidden from view.

    A little background. Blood is routinely screened, typed & tested to be safely used for a number of lifesaving uses. My late husband developed a rare form of cancer of the hemoglobin (Mylodysplastic syndrome) when he was 45. Over the next 4.5 yrs he received over 400 gal. of whole blood, platelets, & even a non-familial stem cell transplant. I owe that fact for the reason that my children were able to reach their late teens with their father. That his parents had extra time w/ their only child to treasure. That hundreds more students had a gifted educator to inspire them. That I had precious time & memories to to substain me as I continued on my life’s journey.

    It isn’t just sexually transmitted diseases that can be past through Blood Products but that’s what the newest regulation is targeting. Like Alan Cumming helpfully pointed out it is risk behaviors & exposure targets that need to be identified. By excluding certain people by sexual orientation the FDA is perpetuating stereotyping & prejudice. I could give a GodDamn about the sexual orientation of any of those thousands of donors who helped my husband in his fight. I am just grateful for the gift of every extra day they gave us. If you, yourself, have ever given blood; know that you have done a wonderful thing and that it is always appreciated. Thank you.

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