There is no such thing as a free lunch.

17 Mar

I just saw a ‘feel good’ story in the news.

There’s this woman in Maine who owns a pretty well known bed and breakfast/inn. She has owned for over two decades, but it’s ready to move on (those winters get harder every year, I’m sure). But it’s not so easy to unload a property of that size and with all the attendant money investment, after buying.

Except, you don’t have to buy it to own it.

So the lady is doing what the previous owner did: she’s not selling the inn, she’s holding a kind of lottery instead. Every entrant has to send a $125.00 check and a 200 word (one paragraph, barely!) essay. One of those will get the deed to the property. The rest, a chance to dream.


I love the concept, but I confess that I am not brave enough to even dream of something like that by myself.¹ I can see it working for a couple, though, because those 20 hour days? Yeah.

And the winters, let us not forget the winters.


¹ (Brianna Concannon, anyone?)

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