Are we having fun yet this year?

24 Mar

For the love of all that’s pretty, can we stop any time soon?

No, of course we can’t.

Not only is the egregious imbecility that is Ellora’s Cave suing a blogger and reviewer for putting together verifiable facts and having an opinion on them still going on.

Not only is TiNut back and still spewing its peculiar brand of legal advice.

We had Jaid Black flouncing off twitter because it was not regulated enough for her. Imagine, people had the nerve to tell her how much of a fucking racist transphobic misogynistic asshole she is.

The nerve, I tell you.

I mean, it’s not as if anyone could take exception to two white privileged assholes–who happen to be women–writing a fetish fanfic about Sally Hemings and her pedophile rapist owner,¹ right?

Mind you, I am not surprised that Anne Rice, being Anne Rice, put her oar in. Because, c’mon, Anne Rice is her own brand of imbecile with a big mouth, a big platform, and no filter–she doesn’t need an editor, she can send thousands of her fans to hound a small book reviewer who decoupaged using pages from an old copy of Pandora, she actively supports the misogynistic assholes behind STGRB, and she cheers on Ellora’s Cave suing Dear Author (even as she admits she knows nothing of the suit²).

Then there is Andrew Smith enthusiastically mansplaining how he’s better than anyone else–ten books, dontcha know–and writing his name in big letters on my not-even-if-there-was-the-last-book-on-earth list.

~ * ~

If all of the above weren’t enough to give any woman indigestion, then we have yet another incident of author(s?) putting his/her/their/its? foot so deep in their mouth, it’s coming out of their asshole, because a reviewer didn’t like her/his/their/it’s books.³

The short version of that link: author contacts reviewer with review copy. Reviewer posts less than awed review, ending with the line, “This might be another case of “It’s not the book, it’s me.” Give it a try and maybe you’ll love it. Good luck!” Apparently that? In what’s her/his/its face’s universe, that was bullying and mean and…well, anyone who has faced an idiot who thinks his books are babies and that everyone in the universe should love said babies, or else, knows the rest.

But it didn’t stop there. Author uses as different email address and a different pseudonym to contact reviewer again, months later, offering her a review copy of a different book. Reviewer is even less enthused this time around–and judging by the excerpts, with plenty of reason. Author’s reaction this time around?

To write a book about the reviewer.

Shades of #HaleNo, yes? (Which reminds me…screenshot, because embarrassing things tend to get memory holed)

~ * ~

These people are the reason *I* keep a list of authors behaving badly. These incidents are why I will never buy anything these assholes write–and since my memory is far from perfect, and there are many, many of these assholes springing upon unsuspecting readers all. the. fucking. time, I need a list to keep track of the asshattery.

The inevitable answer (from the assholes) is, if I have to keep track of the assholes, why don’t I keep track of the awesomeness?

And the answer to that is that yes, actually, I do–and I should post about awesome people more often, if only to cheer myself up a bit. *note to self for next week*

~ * ~

¹ Yes, that Sally Hemings, and yes, that pedophile is none other than Thomas Jefferson. Like many other people, he managed to do great things for many people and still be a complete asshole in his personal life.

² One would think it would take less than an hour to read enough to realize just how fucked up the whole thing is, but hey, it’s not as if facts make a difference to Anne Rice.

³ Honestly, Andrea Smith or Graysen Blue or whomever the fuck you decide to be tomorrow, you may want to grow up a bit. Soon would be better than later. For your own fucking sake, let alone other people’s.

* * Despite what Deborah “review Taliban” Smith may think, I’m aware my opinions are mine–if others agree with me, it’s both their decision and their right to do so.

3 Responses to “Are we having fun yet this year?”

  1. Lori 24/03/2015 at 1:31 PM #

    The stupid…. it hurts.

    • azteclady 24/03/2015 at 1:35 PM #

      don’t it?

      (I’ve watched too much Firefly in the past couple of weeks, haven’t I?


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