Strolling down memory lane

28 Mar

(This post was written and scheduled on Sunday March 23, 2015, as I had hoped to post two or three reviews during the week. Fat chance, after this. I thought about re-scheduling or deleting it then, but you know what? Fuck that. So here you have it, a stroll down memory lane.)


I have been part of the Bitchery–as a habitual reader and regular commentator for most of the ten years the website has existed. There are many things about the site and the people who run it that I adore, many that I enjoy, some that I disagree with (which is, you know, normal when we are talking about people–not two people are going to agree on absolutely everything, right?)

Anyway, I was listening to some of the old podcasts (like, the first few podcasts) and thinking to myself, “where the hell is the podcast with Candy?” only to come to my senses and remember that there was no such podcast–at least, not on the SmartBitches site.

It was a phone interview–the funniest, laugh-until-you-cry interview ever in the history of interviews.

Don’t believe me?

C’mon on, listen–I dare you not to laugh until you cry.



Once you are done with that one, you can enjoy this one. Mind the profanity, tough.

And you are welcome.

One Response to “Strolling down memory lane”

  1. andarae 28/03/2015 at 1:50 PM #

    You know…sometimes laughter is good medicine. It reminds you why you love a community DESPITE the bad moments. ❤

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