Yes, we still need feminism.

9 Apr

I became aware only recently of author Sarah Gailey‘s twitter, but I’m making a point, from now on, to check it often–and to check out her work.

Why? Well, a couple of reasons…:

First, the springboard for yesterday’s post:

Then, there’s this awesome bingo card¹:

Let’s examine some of these squares, shall we?

“I just want to debate” – remember this post? There are things that are, really, not up for debate. Some people may really, really don’t like to hear about them, but that doesn’t make them debatable. Such as, the Earth is really not flat, vaccinations do not cause autism, global warming is destroying the environment, and women of all types are treated as less-than by more men than not, all around the planet.

“Why are you making everything about gender?” – gee, I don’t know. Perhaps it comes from living in a world that overwhelmingly treats my gender as less than yours. (Also, see link above)

“I consider myself a humanist” – then why do you feel threatened by people who only want everyone to be treated equally? Why are you so afraid of people who behave/believe/look/speak/think differently than you, that you have to suppress their rights, lest their very existence impinge upon yours.

“Not all men” – seriously, now, this is self-evident; it’s not ALL men, only enough men actively believing that women are not fully human, and enough men averting their eyes, ignoring this reality, or simply keeping silent about it, to make most societies on Earth patriarchies, in which women are, at best, second class citizens, and at worst, property.

“Quote a spurious or discredited study” – oh yes, there are men out there who still consider women (let alone women of color) to be genetically inferior to white men (a fairly visible example)

“If a woman said the same thing” – if a woman said…what? that the moon landing was a hoax? then I would call her an idiot the same way I’d a man who said it. If a woman said, “all MRA are unfuckable homosexual whiny babies,” I would say that the statement is evidently false, and pretty stupid too.²

I will not address the rest of the board. Anyone who sincerely believes that women who a) speak up about gender issues publicly/online, and/or b) self-identify as feminists, and/or c) are not cis/white, and/or d) participate in activities traditionally considered manly (from video games to politics), and/or any combination thereof, are not constantly subject to threads of violence, rape, death, and doxxing, is willfully ignoring reality.

To those people I say, may the bubble of your privilege forever protect you and your loved ones from reality.³

~ * ~

¹ For those who don’t know: MRA stands for Men’s Rights Activists. They are to feminism what “all lives matter!” and “cops lives matter too!” are to #BlackLivesMatter and Mapping Police Violence (and others) respectively.

² Now, if anyone, regardless of where they fall on the gender spectrum, said, “All MRA have pretty fragile egos, and are deeply, irrationally afraid of women,” I would simply agree–and no, that would not be a sexist statement.

³ Spoiler: it won’t; reality has a nasty habit of kicking people in the face. The sad part is that, usually, those people don’t engage in a lot of meaningful self-interrogation, so even a good reality-face-kicking won’t cure the stupid.

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