Squeeing for Courtney Milan!

12 Apr

The lovely Bona just reviewed Courtney Milan’s “Unlocked” at her blog¹, so of course, I had to check if I had it (I do) and then read it (which I am, mostly–damned paid job always gets in the way of my reading).

In the middle of this, I just looked at Ms Milan’s twitter feed? timeline? stream? (whatever) and saw that she will be in Melbourne, Australia next February, as one of the keynote speakers for ARRC2017 (Autralian Romance Readers Convention)


Congratulations, Ms Milan, so well deserved, for so many reasons (not the least of which is the quality of your writing)

~ * ~

¹ Most of the blog is in Spanish, though Bona participates in SuperWendy’s TBR Challenge with monthly reviews in English.


2 Responses to “Squeeing for Courtney Milan!”

  1. heavenlea27 13/04/2016 at 1:42 AM #

    Yay for Ms Milan 😀 Shame Melbourne is on the other side of the country or I might be tempted to look into this lol. I miss Melbourne… 😀

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