4 toddlers ‘accidentally’ shot (and killed) themselves–in one week.

6 May

(For those of you who just came over, Hi!

Here’s where I’ve talked about this before)

No, I am not making it up.

In the space of one single week, in April 2016, four toddlers found unsecured, fully charged guns, within reach, and did what children do: played with them.

From that same article, I see that at least 30 people were shot and killed by children five years or younger–five years or younger!! with three being the most likely age–, and that there were at least 278 unintentional shootings by children and teenagers, during 2015.

“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

While I understand why we say this, I also know that most people have no common sense.

Even people who are very vocal about their Second Amendment rights to own and carry arms.

I don’t have the solution, but isn’t agreeing that there is a big problem, the first step to solving it? And if there is a problem (spoiler: there is a problem), doesn’t this mean that the current culture of gun ownership is not working in the best interest of…well, anyone, except gun makers and the NRA?

~ * ~

Why are there quotation marks around ‘accidentally’ in the title of this post?

Because kids should never, ever, have access to loaded guns–these are not accidents, these deaths and gun-caused-injuries stem from negligence, which is an entirely different thing.

Edited at 2:45 pm Easter: And today, May 6, 2016, there have been three shootings reported on the frontpage of nbcnews.com. Two people killed, two people injured at two Maryland Malls. Two people wounded at the Kentucky Derby parade. Two people dead, and their two children injured, in Las Vegas.

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