Geena Davis: “If a person can do it…”

16 May

(Originally posted to the Community section at MyMedia)

Elsewhere in the forum, I have posted Emma Watson’s speech at the UN, to kick off the HeforShe campaign which, surprise!, asks men to participate in the movement to treat women as equal human beings as themselves.

Today, I want to share this interview/conversation between Emma Watson and Geena Davis, about the later’s work on gender imbalance in media:

DAVIS: … I just started asking my friends if they had noticed. None of them—feminists, mothers, daughters—noticed until I pointed it out. Then I decided to bring it up within the industry. I knew a lot of people, so I’d say, “Have you ever noticed how few female characters there are in kids movies?” when I met a director, a producer, whatever. And they said, “Oh, but that’s not true anymore.” Then they would name a movie with one female character as the proof that things had changed. [Watson laughs] My point was the world is missing female characters. A lot of times there is one female character, maybe even a cool one, maybe even an important one. But where are all the rest?”

DAVIS: I wish I knew who said it, but my favorite quote is, “If a person can do it, I can do it.” Originally, when I read it, it was, “If a man can do it, I can do it.” I said it to somebody at a press conference. A female reporter said, “Have you always felt this competitive with men? That you want to do whatever men can do?” [laughs] And I was like, “Is that what everybody else thinks that’s what I meant?” So I say, “If a person can do it, I can do it.” I believe it.

Preach it, Ms Davis!

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