Celebrating Independence Day: exercise your right to vote.

4 Jul

(Originally posted to MyPolitics)

If you belong to ANY minority, meaning:

  • You are female, no matter your race, ethnicity, or religion.
  • If you are transgender, queer, questioning, lesbian, gay.
  • If you are not Protestant (preferably from a traditionally white denomination), meaning if you are Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Wicca, Sikh, atheist, or, really, anything else.
  • If you are a person of color, regardless of geographic origin–Latino, African, Asian.

If you are in any way different from the white, cis, hetero Protestant ‘majority,’ think long and hard about voting for any conservative party or candidate.

The powerful are always resistant to treat anyone else as equals.

Look at the history of the USoA, and the history of the world (hell, look at current events). All conservative societies, sooner or later, do away with minorities–even conservative minorities, simply because the values or expression of same, from the minority, do not mirror exactly the values and beliefs of the majority.

When you vote to allow everyone else to do as they please–even if it offends your sense of propriety or your religious beliefs–you ensure that no one has the power to turn around and decide that YOUR values, and beliefs, and behaviour are not good enough, or illegal, or disgusting, or unnatural.

Defending minorities with whom you disagree is the only way to effectively defend your own rights–and the rights of your loved ones, now and in the future.

Go out there and make sure you exercise your right to vote, wisely, so that you CAN continue to vote in the future.



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