Take action. Vote. Give a damn.

11 Jul

(Originally posted to MyPolitics)

Some of those reading may be familiar with the HBO show Newsroom. For those who aren’t, the writing is generally of the liberal bent. (Not surprise that I liked it a lot, is there?). This clip (which I cannot embed, thank you youtube users) is even more relevant today than it was six years ago.¹ Thankfully, John Oliver’s more recent video on the topic can be embedded:

Voting restrictions are disenfranchising large swathes of the US population right now, today, and quite likely close to where you, reading this, live. It is ever more important to find out, today, this moment, whether someone has decided that you cannot exercise your right to vote.

From nbcnews on voting restrictions

Donald Trump has made clear he’s a big supporter of strict voting laws. He worries that people can “sneak in through the cracks” of the system and vote “many, many times,” and that “illegal immigrants” are voting. “Look, you’ve got to have real security with the voting system,” Trump has said.

That attitude makes sense. Trump may be trailing in the polls, and his cash-strapped campaign may be struggling to build a viable operation in key swing states. But the new wave of Republican-backed restrictions on voting — which look set to keep Democratic voters from the polls — could wind up being Trump’s ace in the hole if the race is close this fall. Tight voting laws also could boost the GOP in a host of House, Senate, governor, and state legislative races.

That’s in part because many of the states that have imposed the strictest voting rules — think Wisconsin with its controversial ID law, or North Carolina, with a multipronged measure that critics call a “monster voter suppression law” — are pivotal battlegrounds. It’s also because minorities and young people — the very voters who are most turned off by Trump and the GOP, and on whom Hillary Clinton will be counting on for a strong turnout — are the ones most likely to be tripped up by barriers to the polls.

This is not fiction. This is not a tv or cable show. This is the future of your country. Your job. Your civil rights.

Don’t be passive.

ACT. Vote.

Give a damn.


¹ The show aired in 2012, but the events it depicts occurred a couple of years before that. Hence, six years ago.

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