When will we have enough?

1 Aug

I have talked here before about guns, and about children killing themselves and others with guns. Some of my readers likely wish I would shut up about it already.

Yet, when the massacre at Pulse in Orlando happened, I was quiet. I just couldn’t talk about it.

I work just a few miles away. I didn’t know any of the people killed or injured, and still, I could barely come to work and function.

I worry, constantly, about the safety of my adult children–because not a full week goes by without news about incidents where three or more people are shot at somewhere in the US. And that’s only the ones that make the national news, of course.

I was not going to write about this anymore, because it seems like everyone knows what the problem is, and just keep electing people to Congress who will go along with the gun lobby.

Then I read this, by Ilona Andrews:

My children shouldn’t be dodging bullets in United States of America in 2016. … I don’t care if you are a responsible gun owner.  Because for every responsible gun owner there are enough of the irresponsible gun owners who shoot into a crowd of college kids on Saturday night. If you are truly a responsible gun owner, then you would not mind stricter regulation, because you care about lives of others and you have no problem meeting all requirements and proving that you can be trusted with a gun.

The US is not, at least on paper, a war zone. Why, then, are so many people being killed by bullets, every single day?


4 Responses to “When will we have enough?”

  1. Lori 02/08/2016 at 2:34 AM #

    Nobody has said they want to take guns away. Everybody has said that we need stricter laws and accountability. Once we get the NRA to STFU and step away from the politicians (or get the politicians to stop being bought off) then it can start to make sense.

    • azteclady 02/08/2016 at 6:32 AM #

      Except that the rhetoric is always that ‘those damned Democrats’ want to take (citizens) guns away. After that, the knee jerk reaction is fury and fear. Facts? Who cares about facts?

      • Lori 03/08/2016 at 4:06 AM #

        Well if we’re learning anything from this year’s race: facts mean nothing to most Americans.

        The best thing to peddle is fear. As long as people believe that liberals are evil, anti-American facists who want to steal people’s rights, then the status quo never changes and the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor.

        I will say one thing: I used to be anti-gun but now I live with people who have guns and I respect that they’re law abiding and their guns won’t be used to harm anyone. But I asked my brother if he was guaranteed that surrendering his guns would guarantee a child’s life not ending early, would he do it? He said no.

        And I realized that maybe I don’t understand it very much after all.

      • azteclady 03/08/2016 at 4:10 AM #

        I honestly don’t understand it either–the gun thing. It borders, from where I sit, on a certain fanaticism, a mysticism. As if owning guns actually made people free.

        And yeah, peddling fear works on large swathes of the population, as does plain out lying–the louder, the more people believe the lies.

        Between that, and the apathy of those who are so sure their vote doesn’t count anyway, what should be a clear cut choice is actually a race.

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