Let’s stop normalizing abuse towards women

13 Oct

Here’s the thing…

Just as electing the first Black President in the history of this country has not only NOT eliminated racism, but often brought bigotry out into the open in sometimes unexpected ways, and places, electing Hillary Clinton would not mean that we live in a world where sexism, discrimination and misogyny are the exception rather than the rule.

But it would sure send a powerful message to the segment of the citizenry clinging to racism, bigotry, sexism, misogyny, xenophobia, Islamaphobia, antiSemitism, etc. It would tell them: we are here, and we are here to stay.

Go out there. Engage people to register to vote, and to go out there and actually vote.

May the universe help us all.

Edited to add a link to this most magnificent post/rant. And a heartfelt ‘amen’

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