The myth of women seeking to ruin men’s lives and careers.

8 Mar

(Originally posted to the Community section of MyMedia)

Since Casey Affleck just won an Oscar for Best Actor, and Mel Gibson’s movie was nominated for 8 Oscars, this seems timely:

“Gibson and Affleck are a reminder that when we say, “Women who accuse men of hurting them are lying in order to ruin the men’s careers,” we are not only victim blaming, we are also engaging in a myth. Because hurting women often does not hurt men’s careers — not if they’re rich enough and white enough.

“…the biggest difference between Parker’s story and Gibson and Affleck’s stories is that Gibson and Affleck are wealthy, well-connected, and white. Gibson has been a Hollywood superstar for decades. Affleck isn’t as well known as the other Affleck, but the other Affleck is his brother.

“Parker’s story fit neatly into that old American horror story of the pure and innocent white woman menaced by the sexually aggressive black man — that story that so neatly combines misogyny and racism — which imbued it with staying power.”

Lest we forget: this happens in all fields, and at all levels. From politicians, to sport stars, to CEO’s–to the manager who simply knows his female employee has no recourse but to put up with his grabby hands and demeaning words, or be out of a job–qualifications and performance be damned.

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