“Every (fetus’) life is sacred”

13 Aug

(Originally posted to the Communty section of MyMedia)

(Please see update note at the end)

In the great abortion debate, a couple of things are usually omitted by the “every fetus’ life is sacred!”* brigade.

For one, cis-men can–and do–impregnate people with uteri and walk away with zero consequences, all the time.

Yes, yes, yes; people who give birth can demand paternity tests and whatever, and go to court, and spend YEARS trying to get some child support from those cis-men. A hell of a lot of the time, fathers shrug their financial (and emotional) responsibilities off, and go on their merry way.

And you know what? No one ever says to cis-men of any age, “Abortion is murder, stop having sex!” while all over the place, cis-men will snark at people with uteri, “if you don’t want to get pregnant, stop having sex, you slut!”

But gee, you know, it *does* take a man’s sperm inside an uterus for pregnancy to happen. Funny that.

Another fact often bypassed by so-called ‘pro-life’ advocates is the fact that women’s and trans-men bodies belong to those people, and that pregnancies take a toll on those people’s health. For them, the moment sperm meets ovum, the person in whose body this happens, stops being a fully autonomous human being. Their life and health cease to matter. Only the zygote’s well-being matters–and that only until it is born.

Because if the person with the uterus is too young, too poor, too ill, already has more children than they can support, etc etc etc…well, that’s not the so-called pro-lifers’ problem, is it? That person could have chosen *not* to get pregnant, by not having sex–the slut.

Which bypasses the many pregnancies that are the result of continued sexual abuse (particularly of minors) or of rape.

But you know what? When we start defending abortion only by pointing out pregnancies from abuse and rape, we are still short-changing women and trans men.

People with uteri, even those using multiple contraception methods, always risk conception when they have intercourse with a someone with a penis. We have the uterus, after all.

And many people with uteri simply cannot *afford* reliable contraception methods.

Regardless of which, the moment we start demanding that people with uteri justify their decisions over their own body, we are stating, unequivocally, that those people are simply vessels (hosts, is you will) for men’s sacred seed, and not fully capable human beings.

Today’s rant brought to you by this post, by Dr Jen Gunther.

~ * ~

* Yes, I’m totally humming “every sperm is sacred” right now

Personal note: I apologize to any and all trans people who have read this since I posted it originally; I did not intend to erase trans men with uteri, yet I did. I have now edited this post, and the original one, to try to better reflect all people. Please forgive me, I was thoughtless.

2 Responses to ““Every (fetus’) life is sacred””

  1. katesherwood793 14/08/2017 at 7:49 AM #

    I like your response, and really appreciate the link to the original article. I see a bookmarking in its future…

    • azteclady 14/08/2017 at 9:07 AM #

      Thank you; as I grow older, I’ve run out of patience with all these “all life is sacred!” crowd that gives zero fucks for the lives of women, or for the lives of all those unwanted children, once they are born.

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