Collective racial violence in the US

15 Aug

This is a collection of resources on the long and terrible history of racial violence against Black people in the US. Originally a twitter thread, starting here, by Professor Walter D Greason. I have added a couple more links, for specific instances mentioned by other people, as I’ve remembered them.

There is a lot–A LOT–of deeply disturbing imagery in these links and videos. This is what white people have done, and continue to do, to Black people in this country, without remorse–indeed, feeling morally justified and protected by law–for centuries.

(Note: I’m including some links at the end, regarding racial violence toward other groups)

I will continue to update this as I learn more.

Stono Rebellion, 1739

Charles Deslonde: the German Coast uprising, 1811

Cincinnati Riot, 1829

Nat Turner’s Insurrection, 1831–retaliation and aftermath

Philadelphia Riot, 1834

The true story of Anarcha, Lucy and Betsie – the  medical violence of J Marion Sims, 1845 to 1849
Please note that people are still arguing whether it was unethical for a doctor to operate on human beings who couldn’t consent to it, repeatedly and without anesthesia, or if this should be forgiven due to the medical advances that came from these operations.¹

Christiana, Pennsylvania Riot, 1851

Fort Pillow Massacre, 1864

Colfax Massacre 1873

The 1919 Chicago Race Riots

Ida B. Wells’ Southern Horrors and The Red Record.

Mass arrests of Black men for the crime of being unemployed, Pittsburg 1909

The lynching of Jesse Washington, 1916

East St Louis Race Riots, 1917

The lynching of Mary Turner, 1918

The Red Summer: the Race Riots of 1919 (the second link is for a play list in youtube)

The massacre of Elaine, AR, September 30, 1919

Tulsa Race Riots, 1921 (also, this thread on twitter) (also, this short graphic novel in the Atlantic, sponsored by HBO’s The Watchmen)

Rosewood Massacre, 1923

The Cirero Race Riots, 1951

The murder of Emmett Till, 1955

Lynching Photography: 1882 through 1968

Birmingham Church burning, 1963, and the murders of Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson, Addie Mae Collins and Denise McNair–we will continue saying their names.

An Analysis of Lynching:

The Ku Klux Klan, a secret history (Please note: “The Klan is the oldest terrorist organization in the United States”)

The Klan in the 1920s: the effects of WWI

Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment–by the US Public Health Service–from 1932 to 1972.

Lynching in America: Targeting Black Veterans (from the Civil War to the years immediately after WWII)

Democracy Abroad, Jim Crow at Home: Charlottesville’s Veterans of WWI

The systemic rape of black women and girls by white men: from Jim Crow to the Civil Righs Movement.

(And even today, black girls as young as 10 as presented as ‘grown up’ and ‘sexy’ by media)

White Citizens Councils, wherein local governments kept tabs of ‘civil right sympathizers’ whom they terrorised. Mississippi, 1956 – 1977

Forced Busing in Boston, and the resulting riots, 1974 (link to a playlist in youtube)

The killing of Michael Brown, and the riots in Ferguson 2014

Ava DuVernay’s 13th — prison industrial complex in the US, today. Every day.

Current mapping of police violence in the US–2016 and 2017

Seggreggation in public policy

The Black Laws of Oregon, 1844 to 1857, which basically is a precursor to current racism (Portland 2016, “The Whitest City in America” and 2017, “I hope everyone I stabbed, died”)

Robert Moses: racist city planning, almost a hundred years on.

The reseggreggation of education

Statues of Confederate Traitors: the real story behind them.

Sundown Towns: from the mid 1800s to today, targeting mostly Black people, but also Chinese, Mexicans, Japanese, etc.

Violence against other groups:

Trail of Tears, 1830

Lincoln orders the largest mass execution in US history: 38 Dakota warriors + 2, in Mankato, MN, on December 26, 1862, in the aftermath of the Dakota War of 1862

The massacre at Sand Creek, 1864

The massacre at Wounded Knee, 1890

Carlisle Indian Industrial School, 1879 to 1918 – keep in mind this brutality has been whitewashed and erased; at least 200 Indian children died at the hands of the masters of the school.

Lynching of six Italians in New Orleans, 1891

Bellhingham Riots, 1907

Lynching of Mexicans in Texas

The ‘modern eugenics’ movement, 1920s

Chinese Exclusion Act, 1923

Mexican ‘repatriation’ (1920s to 1930s)

Border Patrol is established (1924)

Incarceration of Japanese American, 1942

Puerto Rican women as guinea pigs for oral contraceptives, 1956

Violence against Water Protectors at Standing Rock (there are running legal costs, we can help here).

Joe Arpaio: genocide against Latinos (the Wikipedia link to the ‘controversies’)

The historic rate of violence against Native Americans (via Rewire)

Donald Trump’s criminal neglect of Puerto Rico, 2017 and ongoing

Separation of children as young as months old from parents seeking asylum, 2018

Indefinite detention of families, 2018

~ * ~

¹ The erasure of these three victims of prolonged, repeated torture, to focus on the man who used them, brings to mind the unlawful use of Henrietta Lacks’ cervical cancer cells–to this day–without her consent.

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