Please stop shrugging and waiting for someone else to fix the world.

21 Nov

(Originally posted to a private subforum at MyMedia, so I can’t link)

How I wish I could make everyone who casually reads this pay attention this week, and next week, and every week after, to three very basic things:

–the fact that while Ajit Pai will be chairman of the FCC for the next five years (unless something big happens), he still answers to Congress, and that if all of us call our Senators and Representatives to demand they don’t let him fuck us over, we may yet stop him from selling out the internet.

–the fact that the GOP is trying to pass a tax bill that will literally raise taxes (directly or by eliminating basic deductions) to virtually everyone but the millionaires, on top of basically killing healthcare via Medicaid and Medicare, to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy, and that, again, we can stop this from passing by calling our Senators and letting them know that no, we are not okay with this.

–the fact that the orange garbage sack is nominating the worst possible people to fill federal judgeship vacancies; people whose only claim to practicing law is blogging about it (and getting it all wrong), people who boast about loving the death penalty, people who are misogynistic to the point of caricature–and that if those people become federal judges, the entire judiciary will become basically another arm of the worst of the GOP, and the last recourse and working democratic institution in this country will be corrupted beyond fixing. And, again, the only way to stop this, is for everyone to call their elected officials in both chambers of Congress, and demand–yes, DEMAND–they don’t allow this to happen.

It drives me up a wall that so many people are just shrugging this all off, or waiting for someone else (handwaving to ‘democratic institutions’) to come to the rescue.

There is no one coming to the rescue but us, which is depressing as fuck–if the majority of the population simply shrug and go about their business, happy in their ‘safe’ places, reluctant to even *know* what the fuck is going on because it’s ‘too dark,’ and so on, the USoA will soon not have any hope to revert to a functioning democracy.

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