Little girls grow up.

14 Nov

In January this year (yes, that’s like a century ago, but bear with me), over 160 women, teens and girls came forward to confront Larry Nassar, who for DECADES had abused them, while being shielded by the organization that should have protected all those young girls from becoming teens and adult women marked by sexual abuse.

One of those speaking was Kyle Stephens, who said (in part):

“I testified to let the world know that you are a repulsive liar and those ‘treatments’ were pathetically veiled sexual abuse,” she said. “Perhaps you have figured it out by now, but little girls don’t stay little forever. They grow into strong women that return to destroy your world.” (source)

Last year in May, I wrote about child brides in the USA, and how a men-dominated legislature across the country resists the very idea of raising the legal age for marriage in ways that are, frankly, so very telling. For example, when a 17yo brought a proposal to New Hampshire for this purpose, she was dismissed pretty much out of hand:

According to The Times, Republican David Bates said: “We’re asking the legislature to repeal a law that’s been on the books for over a century, that’s been working without difficulty, on the basis of a request from a minor doing a Girl Scout project.”

“There was a time in our society when people believed that…when there’s an unplanned pregnancy, rather than that child be born out of wedlock, the best thing would be that they would be raised with the natural mother and father, and so marriages were encouraged. Obviously, 13 is the extreme, but that’s the principle behind it.” (source)

I am overjoyed to say that, that 17yo girl scout? She has grown up too, and has just been elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

We welcome you, Cassandra Levesque, to the ever growing number of women who have been told that they are too young, too naïve, too loud, too inexperienced, too idealistic, too much FUTURE WOMEN, to deserve respect, who are now standing up to the people who told them such things. And we thank you, for you stand for all of us.

And to David Bates and all like him: fuck you. Little girls all over the world are growing up, into survivors, into strong women who will come back to destroy a world in which women are treated like chattel.

~ * ~

The lovely Dr Laura Vivanco (@DrLauraVivanco) reminded me of this beautiful, poignant, moving, and heart wrenching poem. (CW: rape and sexual violence against girls and young women)

Erin May Kelly’s “The Strength of Women: Little Girls Don’t Stay Little Forever”

One Response to “Little girls grow up.”

  1. shallowreader 15/11/2018 at 1:23 AM #

    Here’s to all the too loud girls who are now, thankfully too loud women.

    And a big Fuck You to David Bates and his ilk.

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