#RomanceforRoe Anthology

15 May

Because #IAmProBodilyAutonomy/#IAmProAbortion, I am hosting a transcript of the screenshot below for Jackie Barbosa (tweet here), who’ll be editing and publishing a Romance for Roe anthology, all proceeds to benefit pro-choice charities.

Transcript below the cut.

This is a call for submissions for a #RomanceForRoe anthology. Due to the aggressive and unconstitutional efforts of conservatives in multiple states to effect the overturning of Roe and the criminalization of abortion in the U.S., I want to put out an anthology of romance stories that express support and affirm (people who can get pregnant)‘s¹ right to choose, with profits to abortion rights’ charities.

If you are interested, here are the parameters:

  • New, previously unpublished works only.
  • Min ~15K words, to max ~50K.
  • Any setting, but contemporary preferred. Any pairing, but obviously at least one of your characters needs to be or have been physically capable of becoming pregnant.
  • Story must include a protagonist who has chosen or chooses to have terminate a pregnancy, and that choice must be supported and affirmed in the text.
  • I will provide cover art, editing, upload to vendor sites, etc.

Dates, other info:

  • Pitches need to hit my DMs (@jackiebarbosa on twitter) or my email (jackie@jackiebarbosa.com) by May 31 for consideration. Your pitch should be equivalent to a blurb. Hook me on your premise!
  • I will let you know if your submission will be included in the anthology by June 15.
  • Completed manuscripts will need to be delivered by October 31.
  • Publication will be January 2020.

Get on, Romancelandia!

~ * ~

Also note, per this tweet: non-exclusive rights, payment $0.

Here’s the link to the thread where the idea was born.

I will update this post with links as they are available.

~ * ~

¹ Please note I changed the language slightly, as Ms Barbosa does mean “people with female reproductive tracts” (per this tweet)

4 Responses to “#RomanceforRoe Anthology”

  1. willaful 15/05/2019 at 9:49 PM #

    What a great idea!

  2. ArtK 13/01/2020 at 11:58 PM #

    Anybody home?


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