Megan’s flowers

29 Mar
Three quilled paper flowers in a little pot
A lil flower pot

After blogging about Tony’s guitar, I realized it would be easy to think that I have not made anything for the last five years or so, given the dearth of evidence in here.

Over the years, I’ve made many little things as tokens for friends, as money has always been tight, but I’ve always had a few minutes here and there to make things. I do not have photographs of most of the things I’ve made, but I want to blog about those I do, however humble the offerings.

About a dozen years ago, I discovered quilling, a form of paper filigree that’s perfect for my brand of obsession. Over the years I’ve made many little paper quilled things, and a few larger projects. I made this humble little flower pot for a friend at work who’s one of the sweetest people I know, back in December 2018.

Quilled paper flowers in a little pot, showing the back angle
I really like the part where the stem meets the flower.

The flowers are shy of 2in across, the leaves are just over an inch long, and they are mounted on thin wire (using the core of, yet again, bread ties, stripped of its original covering and wrapped in quilling paper) to form the ‘bush’. The ‘pebbles’ in the pot are made with tight rolls of more quilling paper.

Quilled paper flowers in a little pot, focusing on the flowers
The leaves are just ::chef kiss: And the flowers are really pretty too.

I really like the effect the leaves, so lacy, have with the flowers, which are more dense and vivid in color.

The little pot is cardboard, the center of a register tape roll in fact, from when I worked at the food franchise from hell, covered in pretty cardstock and weighted down with a few pennies, so the weight of the flowers wouldn’t tip it over any time someone walked past it, or really, breathed too hard in the same room.

Three quilled paper flowers with leaves in a little pot
The whole thing is under 6in tall

It’s just a little thing, a token, for a lovely person who needed some cheering up. I know she likes it, because she took it home when we moved to work from home, and that makes me very happy.

I really should make more.

7 Responses to “Megan’s flowers”

  1. Laura Vivanco 29/03/2021 at 1:15 PM #


    • azteclady 29/03/2021 at 1:59 PM #

      Thank you!

      I am sad that the true colors, and their vibrancy, do not come through in the images, probably because of the dull background.

  2. willaful 29/03/2021 at 5:52 PM #

    Oh my goodness!

    • azteclady 29/03/2021 at 6:39 PM #

      Aren’t the flowers pretty?

      I love quilling because it doesn’t take much practice to get good at it, and the results are generally pleasing to the eye.

  3. ArtK 29/03/2021 at 9:52 PM #



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    […] the finished project is sturdier. Of course, framing can be done with paper (see the petals in Megan’s flowers, for example), or even cardstock strips, rather than cardboard, but given the size I wanted to make […]

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