A tiny patchwork pouch

4 Oct

Had scraps, made a thing.

Little pouch, open, showing sewing clips

It came out much better than it had any right to, frankly.

Once upon a time, I wore a bunch of 100% cotton shirts to work, every blasted day. So, when COVID came around, I had plenty of material to make masks for a bunch of people. Then, of course, I had leftover material. Add some denim from old jeans, a short zipper from a leather wallet, and watching a few YouTube videos at the right time, and here we are.

It’s a tiny thing, but the perfect size to hold my sewing clips, and not something I’d feel weird about tossing around and getting dirty, an all around win.

Scraps of denim and fine cotton in pink and light blue, a bit of leather with a short zipper
Overhead, empty pouch, open, next to a ruler showing it's less than 4in across
Side view, empty pouch, zipper closed
Little pouch, inside out, showing the little zipper tabs
Holding the little pouch, bottom up

2 Responses to “A tiny patchwork pouch”


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    […] over myself (as much as my impostor syndrome lets me), and offered ten small pouches like the ones I made a while back, with the caveat that I didn’t have any on hand, so I’d have to make […]

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