Surprise! (dual form pouch)

11 Oct
Denim pouch with white zipper and round zipper end caps in red

It’s a cute zippered make-up pouch…

…also, a slightly larger drawstring pouch.

Dual form pouch, drawstring half pulled up and closed, showing the beads in the cord

I have mentioned before that I keep articles of clothing that are, frankly, too far gone to be worn. I also have a long tradition of re-purposing things, because a) I’ve often had no funds to buy new raw materials, and b) we only have one planet.

For this particular little pouch, I used denim from old jeans, cotton fabric from two old work shirts (remnants of the food-franchise-from-hell day-job of yore), a couple of old shoelaces, a couple of wooden beads from…something or other (I honestly can’t remember, if I even knew at some point), and some zipper-by-the-yard, cut to length.

Dual form pouch, pulled up, open, showing the bead to pull the drawstring

I am calling it patchwork because I’m using bits of different fabrics as accents, though it’s definitely very basic work, and the material has little in common with the printed cotton specialty fabric used commonly by crafters with more disposable income.

I am particularly happy with how the zipper ends came out. Tickled pink, in fact.

Close up, round zipper end cap, covered with the same fabric as the accents in the body of the bag

If you are not familiar, you can purchase quite a bit of zipper tape, both nylon coil and metal teeth, by the yard. Most sellers will throw in a set number of appropriately-sized sliders in matching metal/color. The advantages are both price (you can buy 50yds nylon zipper with 80 sliders for less than $15 USD), and that you can cut it precisely to length to suit your project.

A disadvantage is that there are no stops, but most often those are either hidden or cut off, so that one is mostly a wash. Another is that your garden-variety zipper-by-the-yard is usually only available in white or black, not in the myriad cute colors that individual zippers come in. Then again, for the price difference, I’m happy to stick with the basics.

Double purpose pouch, open, top folded in; the closing bead is showing

I am so glad I found the beads among all the flotsam and jetsam that make up so much of my crafting supplies; they are really the perfect size to grab and pull, not so big they use up too much space when the drawstring half is tucked away, not so small they get lost in the drawstring channel. Have to confess that they were originally closer to true red than to the maroon color of the fabric, but a pass with touch-up furniture markers darkened the color to a ::chef kiss:: perfect match.

So here it is, a cute little pouch with two distinct form factors.

Pouch, zippered close

(For the curious: the base is 10cm/4in by 7cm/2.5in; the zippered part is 10cm/4in tall. The zipper itself is 20cm/8in long, including the end-caps, and the drawstring half rises another 8cm/3.25in from the zipper when pulled up.)

Overhead show to the interior of the pouch with the drawstring top pulled up and open
Pouch zippered closed
Front view, pouch with the drawstring top pulled up and open; shoelaces end knotted together
Pouch with the drawstring top pulled up and closed, side view
Side view, pouch, with the drawstring top pulled up and closed
Pouch, open, full of sewing stuff, including a pincushion

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