Old clothes, old bedsheets, new dual form pouch

27 Oct
Finished pouch, zipper pulled close, showing the front of the pouch with the 18 patchwork triangles

Handsewing is one of those activities that some people find tedious and I find incredibly calming. With so much everything happening at once, I’ve been sewing quite a bit lately.

Showing the bottom and front side of the pouch, sewn together, but only halfway quilted

I started, once again, with some old cotton shirts and jeans, sewn together in a pleasing pattern, then quilted over an old t-shirt, to give the pouch some body.

Unfinished pouch, front; patchwork of 18 triangles, 9 denim, 9 of different fabrics in solid red, blue plaid, and yellow plaid, stitched together to form a square, and quilted
unfinished pouch, back side, showing the insert of patchwork triangles between the top and bottom bands of denim, all quilted

With the main body assembled, I started putting together the hidden drawstring pouch.

Solid red fabric channels being sewn onto white background fabric with little purple flowers scattered through, to form the drawstring pouch

For this part, I used some old bedsheets; I love how fine the fabric is, and how the single flowers scattered through it look so delicate and, well, romantic.

Close up to the finished drawstring channel, showing the invisible stitches (you can tell there are stitches by the slight indentation, but the thread is not visible)

I was feeling particularly proud of myself, loving the look here (can you find the stitches closing the drawstring channel?), which was immediately followed by attaching the drawstring half of the pouch to the main body the wrong way around ::head desk::

Finished main body of the pouch, front, drawstring half pulled up

Some unhappy muttering and unpicking later, things were put together the right way around.

I again made some circular end-caps for the zipper, using some thin chipboard from food packaging as the base.

Small circles of thin chipboard from food packaging, bigger circles of fabric, and color matching thread, for the zipper caps

Another couple of wooden beads, shoelaces from old, long-gone sneakers, and here we go, finished.

Drawstring pouch pulled out of the bag, showing the wooden beads

Why make another one of these?, some may ask.

Well, aside from the stress-relieving aspect of handsewing (or crafting in general), and the fact that I am reusing and upcycling fabric from clothing that cannot be worn or donated, either of which would be reason enough, this one is bigger than the original one, big enough to fit small sewing projects in their entirety, which is very convenient for portability purposes.

Here you can see the size difference:

Smaller pouch, zipper pulled close, shown in front of the new one, to highlight the difference in sizes

I’m quite happy with this, really like how it came together; once again, much better than it had any right to.

Showing the back of the finished pouch, zipper pulled closed; patchwork of three different fabric triangles with same size denim triangles between bands of denim to make up the square back.
Sewing the drawstring channels onto the sides of the the hideaway pouch

6 Responses to “Old clothes, old bedsheets, new dual form pouch”

  1. willaful 27/10/2021 at 7:55 PM #

    Oh, you’re just trolling me now, aren’t you. 😉 You know my weakness!

  2. Jules Jones 30/10/2021 at 6:08 AM #

    I can’t do extended hand sewing any more because my RSI won’t allow it, but I certainly understand how soothing it is. I substituted knitting as my ability to hold things came back, and now haven’t done that since I started sanitising my hands throughout the day. :-/

    I went to the fabric/wool shop a couple of months ago to pick up some plant based yarn because I thought I could handle that again even if wool or acrylic would still be too irritating, and apparently they’ve sold a *lot* of cotton and bamboo yarn recently. 🙂 I bought some lovely Tencel/linen yarn from the sale shelf on the assistant’s recommendation; now I have to think of something to do with it.

    • azteclady 30/10/2021 at 9:54 AM #

      Gah, I’m so, so sorry about the pain; it sucks when we become unable to do something we love!

      I’m so glad you have found a way around it. Here’s to many beautiful projects with natural fibers!


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