Post-Roe, tears and a fight.

3 May

Yesterday evening Politico published a February-dated SCOTUS draft, authored by Alito (the far right asshole), overturning Roe, and basically announcing the intention of the six far right assholes on the highest court of the USA to go after marriage equality soon. That they’ll go after contraceptives too is a given (rapist frat bro Kavanaugh and Amy the handmaiden Comey Barrett have both said they consider contraceptives to *be* abortifacients)

So here we are.

Overturning Roe opens the door to this far right-controlled SCOTUS to go back to a time before the right to privacy was even a thing, and do immense damage to hundreds of millions of people.

As Quasim Rashid said:

tweet by @QasimRashid: "Alito claims Roe V Wade "was wrongly decided because Constitution makes no specific mention of abortion rights." Constitution also does not mention: Black rights; LBGTQ rights, women's rights, immigration rights, non-landowner rights. They want to take the USA back to 1776.

(Remember the many January 6 2021 insurrectionists–including those in Congress–who made “1776” their war cry.)

I will not rehash here my rage against all the people (including self-professed progressives every-fucking-where), who promised us that Roe was “settled law” and therefore “untouchable”. Those motherfuckers will continue to treat the very lives of millions as disposable pieces in the game of politics they pretend to seriously analyse. They can go rot in whatever hell they pretend to believe in, for eternity.

They do not deserve my energy or time, both of which are extremely limited right now.

What does deserve my energy, my time, and what money I have, is fighting.

Last night, I wrote this on twitter:

I absolutely get all the “fuck the Democrats and Biden, who’ve done nothing” energy tonight, and also: we really do not have much choice but to support Dems and Dem candidates, and work like furies to keep control of both chambers, or we are forever fucked.


So yeah, here’s where I’m at:

(tweet by Sunny Moraine @dynamicsymetry) “What makes me feel really fucking sick about all this is that one of the most important immediate things we need to do about all this…is vote for the feckless party who absolutely refuses to do anything meaningful about it.”

Because, as Alexandra Erin has said, we are voting into government the people we will then fight to keep our rights, to gain more rights, to help the public.

Democrats *can* be pushed into doing things–even if then the majority of them fight back to do as little as possible. 1

Fascists aka Republicans, on the other hand, WILL NOT be moved from their set path: full on authoritarianism of the white wealthy Christofascists and open violence against their designated ‘enemies’ 2: democrats, queer people, immigrants, Black and Brown and other PoC, women, etc.

So yeah, get all the Dems in Congress/Biden hate out of your system, then get busy working to keep Dem control of the House, and to achieve actual control of the Senate in these midterms, so that we can then work to protect those most vulnerable in our communities.

Celeste Pewter, who’s heroic in her commitment to democracy, took time out of preparing to defend her thesis *tomorrow* 3 to put out a thread of immediate actions to take on all fronts: state leges, midterms, etc. Read, pick your target, act.

Tonight I cry in rage and frustration and, to be honest, despair.

Tomorrow, I fight for the future.

It’s morning now, and I fight.

* * * *

1 This is about how Democrats means-test every. fucking. positive policy, to the point where only those who need help least end up benefiting most from it.

2 In quotation marks because authoritarians *need* to have enemies to fight, so they always have someone to aim their base to; hatred is the fuel of the political fortunes. Once they’re done criminalizing/incarcerating/killing one group, they move on to the next, and eventually they move on to their own.

3 She’s defending it today, May 3. Sending her all the positive energy.

5 Responses to “Post-Roe, tears and a fight.”

  1. Lori 03/05/2022 at 2:47 PM #

    There is truly nothing right in America.

    • azteclady 03/05/2022 at 3:13 PM #

      There are days it’s hard to breathe.

      My kids are adults, and this is the world they live in, and it’s so much worse now than it was even twenty years ago.

  2. shallowreader 04/05/2022 at 9:21 PM #

    This is horrifying.

    • azteclady 05/05/2022 at 12:10 AM #

      It is.

      And the opinion draft spells the end of a number of other “settled law” rights, from interracial marriage to same sex marriage–never mind the passing of ever more draconian anti-trans laws (in some states they’re already talking about making trans healthcare illegal for *adults*, they’re not even pretending to give the first fuck about ~but the children~).

      And I wonder at the future of other countries who are fighting for progress, but who depend heavily on US’s government money, when that money is subject to white Evangelical ~morality~ (already money for healthcare to some African countries is restricted if abortion is included in that care).

      The future looks so fucking bleak right now.


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