Chugging along (another update)

6 May

Given the absolute shitshow that is US politics right now, let alone “we are still in a pandemic, stupid”, and “there’s a war in Europe, so food and fuel prices have risen because war profiteering is a thing US corporations do really well”, I thought to try for a bit of cheer.

Top of my work table, showing 12 finished patchwork pouches, and three halfway completed, all with different fabrics/thread colords/quilting patterns combinations.

I’ve been stitching along on the #RomancingTheVote pouches, getting ever closer to being done, as you can see from the image at the top. I am really happy how different these all look. I’m using very few fabrics, as I’m limited to what is usable from mostly old work shirts and jeans, but by varying the color of the quilting thread, as well as the design on each piece, I have managed to make each unique.

Three pouches in progress: royal blue/solid pink/denim; royal blue/solid red/denim, and royal blue/solid red/blue and cream plaid/denim. The lining for all three is light blue with white lines of different thicknesses. The quilting design is different in each piece.

I am hopeful the recipients will like them, and I’m forever grateful for their understanding and patience.

* * * *

After a longer delay than expected, my bruises finally faded, and I was finally able to donate blood on Star Wars day. (If you want to see what my right arm looked like for more than a week, there’s a photo at the end of the post.)

Slightly blurry close up of the birght royal blue bandage over the crook of my left elbow.

It wasn’t a cake walk (once again, both technicians had to try, until one finally got past the scarring and things got going), but the bruising is minimal. Plus, I was done with that part in half the time it took them to sign me in, poke me, and get things going.

* * * *

Since I’m now on wait mode for the next donation window, I went to get my second COVID booster/fourth COVID shot overall, on Cinco de Mayo (why not, says I). I was much more lucky this time around, compared to the first booster 1. First off, a masked pharmacist (the same competent and lovely woman who gave me the first two shots).

Second, she actually read my records, and asked if I wanted to get the shingles vaccine and the TDAP booster too. (I have been wanting to get the shingles vaccine for years, but between one thing and another). I said I would, but that I thought I needed a prescription for my insurance to cover them.

So, to her computer she went again, and lo, THE THREE SHOTS WERE COVERED.

Third, she took the time to talk to me about the potential complications of three vaccines on the same day (and shoulder, because sleeping on a vaccinated shoulder just doesn’t happen, and I already struggle to sleep 2).

Fourth, she made a point of checking on me for the fifteen minutes post-vaccine waiting period, and to give me printed reference materials for any potentially worrisome reaction for any or all of the shots.

Fifth, the shoulder does not hurt as much as with any of the previous shots–it’s probably even less than the pain of a regular flu shot. That’s probably because I have been very diligent in moving the am and shoulder, and taking ibuprofen as needed. Hell, I even had a two-hour or so nap!

I was feeling pretty damn blessed until oh, ten or eleven last night, when I started getting chills, a low-grade fever, joint aches, and a slightly tight throat (not sore, but like the muscles are straining a bit). And you know what? Considering the shock I gave my immune system, I’m pretty damn blessed.

* * * *

Still no reading this week, but a lot of thinking about old books, blogging, reviews, and integrity. I hope to put something coherent down and perhaps post it next week (for the curious, I’ve been thinking about such a post since May 2012–that draft will likely never see the light of day, but having it to look at has helped figure out what I would like to talk about now).

* * * *

Finally, I’ve settled on THE PHOTOGRAPH, a 2020 film, for May’s #RomancelandiaMovieNight, to happen next Saturday, May 14th, at 9:00pm Eastern. (Beware a perhaps too-detailed plot summary at the link.) Since Willa is now exclusively on Mastodon, I’m likely going to cross-post to both places. (The movie is currently available as a ‘free with ads’ selection through the z*n.)

It’s now very late (or really, really early), and I’m finally feeling sleepy again, so here’s to everyone reading: take care of yourselves. The fight is for the long haul, so take breathers as necessary: make your rage sustainable, so your labor/time/money is not fruitlessly spent in one burst even before the battle is engaged.

* * * *

1 Here’s a link to the twitter thread, but the short version: went to get my shot on December 10, the pharmacist who administered it had his whole nose over a very loose mask; I started to feel like utter shit within two days. By the time I got my hands on home test kits, the result on two consecutive days was negative. Long story less long, I was ill for weeks (cough, brain fog, exhaustion), with varying degrees of symptom discomfort until about mid-February.

Was it COVID? Maybe (perhaps even likely), though I’ve heard of people who had just as strong a reaction to the third shot, and since I never felt bad enough to consider the ER, I just dealt with it. Can I ever be sure either way? I doubt it–between DeathSantis wanting to keep reported numbers down in FL, and the Biden administration lack of leadership on THE single most devastating public health crisis of a century…well.

2 Insomnia has been an increasingly debilitating issue for a few years now, but the latest, ongoing bout, has been brutal–I’m lucky if I manage four or five hours of sleep in any 24 hour period, for over a month. I can’t afford to make my only reliable sleeping position uncomfortable, so all the shots had to go on my right shoulder.

* * * *

The bruise is about two inches across, and while neither puncture site was painful–or really, even tender–the technicians told me to wait until they were fully gone for at least a week.

Clove up of the crook of my right elbow, showing a deep green and yellow bruise, about two inches across, roughly oval, around the reddened puncture site

6 Responses to “Chugging along (another update)”

  1. willaful 06/05/2022 at 1:14 PM #

    They look great!

    I’m having horrible insomnia too. 😦 I think it’s the medication change. And I think I need to hire someone to be in charge of my medical issues like I am for my daughter. (Hers is fairly easy because medicare mostly covers what our insurance doesn’t.) I just can’t handle any of it.

    • azteclady 06/05/2022 at 2:27 PM #

      I am so sorry you too are having trouble sleeping; being sleep-deprived as a matter of course makes everything so much more difficult.

      Like walking through water to one’s thighs–uphill.

      Medication: damn, that sucks so much all on its own.

  2. Lori 06/05/2022 at 3:06 PM #

    Why is there so much adulting having to happen?

  3. SuperWendy 07/05/2022 at 10:24 PM #

    Honestly, I’d blame your vaccine side-effects on the shingles vaccine alone. Everyone I’ve ever known gets walloped by that one – which hey, STILL BETTER THAN GETTING EFFING SHINGLES AMIRITE?!

    I’m still holding steady at 3 COVID shots. Not my turn in the queue yet for another booster…

    • azteclady 08/05/2022 at 1:43 AM #

      I am feeling so much better tonight (still awake, but no fever, a barely-there headache, and very slight joint aches), I’m amazed, and feeling incredibly blessed.

      I expected to suffer through the weekend and into next week, because my experience with the first booster was SO BAD, and instead, it’s frankly been so minimal.

      But yeah, if you can, go get your second booster. Better safe(r), and all that.

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