White supremacy, the 2nd Amendment, complicity of the press.

16 May

I was going to post a movie review today.

Then there were two racist mass shootings over the weekend, and there was just no space in my head to watch and livetweet a romance.

On Saturday, in Buffalo NY, a white 18 year old man drove to a supermarket in a “Black zip code”, and streamed himself killing ten innocent people and wounding three others, after posting 180 pages of hatred and white supremacist and antisemitic propaganda. (There’s already a wikipedia page.)

On Sunday, in Orange Country CA, a man started shooting people at a Presbyterian Church at a time where most of the people present were Taiwanese. So far, one person dead and four more hospitalized. (And yes, there’s a wikipedia page for this one too.)

The cops and the media, OF COURSE, have no idea as to motives. None.

Why, the white man in Buffalo, who left a veritable manual of how to do a white supremacist act of terrorism? oh, he was probably just lonely and nerdy, and someone bullied him in eight grade. Or perhaps a girl snubbed him in middle school. And of course, he surely has some mental health issue that will help the press explain away the lives he took.

He’s a good white boy, after all, just a little bit troubled.

As for the church, the cops said that the shooter was himself “of Asian descent”–which may be true or not. What’s fact is that he was armed with at least two handguns.

And the press, like the cops, will continue to explain away instances of stochastic terrorism as isolated incidents, as white supremacists everywhere rejoice and encourage each other to commit more violence–from Tucker the fucker Carlson at Faux, to the very cops ~investigating~ these attacks.

White supremacists cling to the Second Amendment because it gives them license to literally hunt Black people, Asian people, Latinx and other Brown people, queer people–let alone the many men who murder their domestic partners every fucking day.

The press clings to “impartiality” as it regurgitates every single white supremacy apologia every made, as well as every copaganda statement they’re given by their local police department, in exchange for access. Many of them know better; many of them have worked on enough stories of white supremacist terrorism to know better, and yet they repeat the “he was a loner with mental health issues” bullshit over and over again, never connecting the glaring dots or giving context for anything.

Those who died? oh well, they’re not really people, you see, they’re fodder for a good story.

There were other shootings over the weekend–because every single day there are shootings in the United States. Those other shootings rarely make the news, and almost never the national news, unless there’s something extra about them. Such as the Sunday shooting in Winston-Salem, where seven people with gunshot wounds were found at two different locations, and dozens of spent shell casings found at three crime scenes.

But if one does an online search for any of the three locations and ads the word “shooting”, the results on the second and third and fourth pages will show that gun violence is a constant threat in the USA.

Angry you lost a job? Grab a gun, shoot someone.

Don’t like the person your offspring is dating? Grab a gun, shoot someone.

The domestic partner you used as a punching bag moved out/ran away/served you with divorce papers? Grab a gun, shoot someone.

Angry that a Black/Jewish/Latinx/Asian person moved into the neighborhood or building? Grab a gun, shoot someone.

Every day, multiple times a day, people in the USA turn to their guns and kill someone.

And when it comes to cops in the USA, police officers kill multiple people almost every day. And the press, to a person, bend themselves into pretzels to never, EVER state that cops kill. “Police involved shooting” and “suspect died at scene” and “gun went off” are but the most common of passive voice bullshit reporters use to avoid saying, “a cop killed”–even when there’s video from bystanders and witnesses.

I don’t have a point or an answer, I am just so fucking tired.

“When your only tool is a hammer, every problem is a nail.”

We have hundreds of thousands of people whose first and last instinct is violence, and boy, do they have the tool to take care of it.

* * * *

Found via Robin Bradford (@tuphlos); very much worth watching.

6 Responses to “White supremacy, the 2nd Amendment, complicity of the press.”

  1. Lori 16/05/2022 at 1:28 PM #

    And the Americans become so desensitized to it that it isn’t a story for longer than a weekend and when a white, male judge gives him community service for taking black lives, the snowflake liberals will scream until they’re breathless but no changes happen.

    Until we destroy the patriarchy, we are all just targets for white male rage.

    • azteclady 16/05/2022 at 3:11 PM #

      White supremacy and patriarchy are indeed so closely linked as to make little difference.

  2. Jules Jones 17/05/2022 at 8:25 AM #

    UK – Only 5 mass shootings by a civilian.

    Licencing on the basis of being a fit and proper person started over a hundred years ago, covering only certain classes of weapon. Subsequent Firearms Acts tightened licencing restrictions. And then:

    Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988 extending the class of prohibited weapons (this includes weapons constructed to evade metal detectors, so possession of one of those 3-D printed handguns is a criminal offence).

    Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997 banning most handguns, and Firearms (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 1997 banning all private ownership of handguns in Great Britain (Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands were excluded).

    American ammosexuals: “but how can you Brits let the evil authoritarian government come to take all your guns away!!!??? Rise up against the oppressors!”

    Brits: “You what? What guns? Most of us didn’t have guns if we weren’t farmers or sports people using a club shooting range. Oh, and we demanded that our politicians tighten restrictions because some gun owners demonstrated they couldn’t be trusted. What drugs are you on?”

    • azteclady 17/05/2022 at 11:13 AM #

      Every time someone points out that other countries have gun control laws, and therefore there are barely any gun massacres there, you have the “that would never work here” (which, not if it was left you to assholes, obviously), and, “well, they still kill each other over there, with knives or whatever” (which only makes sense in their gun-rotted brains)

      • Jules Jones 18/05/2022 at 6:12 PM #

        The “whatever” here included grenades in the case of two young policewomen, which prompted much shouting by not-British police officers that this would never have happened if the police in the UK were allowed to be routinely armed. The British police were quite restrained, I thought, in pointing out that they did not want to be routinely armed because it would only lead to an arms race that could not be walked back, and that being armed would have made no difference in the murder of two beat bobbies who’d been lured into a trap with a fake 999 call by someone intent on killing police officers to make himself look like a hard man when he went to gaol for other murders. (I stood in the crowd lining the major street closed for the funeral processions; I do not take kindly to ammosexuals trying to use it to justify their warped world view.)

      • azteclady 18/05/2022 at 7:04 PM #

        Yes to the arms race–it is how cop departments in the USA justify getting bigger and more expensive guns and other equipment, from tanks to robots, because assault weapons are basically as common (if not more) than small handguns here.

        Meanwhile, the public keeps getting killed by guns, mostly in the hands of white men, many of whom are, gee, cops.

        It’s fucked up in the extreme.

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