And then there were twenty.

8 Jun
All 20 pouches, finished, tops up, spread on top of my desk

Finally, all twenty pouches are done.

I am now reaching out to all the incredibly patient donors to #RomancingTheVote who, almost four months ago (gog help me!) paid for these. I’m hoping to have all the addresses in the next couple of days so I can mail them all in one go, but if I don’t get them all by Friday evening, I’ll just have to make a couple of trips to the post office.

I learned a lot making these.

One, I love handsewing, almost as much as embroidery or other crafting, but most especially when I’m repurposing fabric from faded, torn, stained, or otherwise damaged clothing that can’t be donated, into something else.

Two, it’s better to have things already made to offer rather than making them after the fact–both because deadline pressure is hell, and because life happens regardless of plans.

To that effect, I’m making some totes and other bags, which I hope to put up for auction to benefit trans charities, bail funds, Democratic voter outreach, and other progressive causes (hopefully as part of a larger effort, as my reach is pitiful).

I hope to post about those projects here as I go along, for those of you who enjoy crafts.

(The rest of this post is self-indulgent and image-heavy, feel free to stop reading here)

Finally, you can tell I’m left handed by the position of the thread snips on many of these images, by the by–funny that I only noticed as I was loading the photos for this post.

Finished pieces for three pouches: denim/royal blue/solid pink; denim/royal blue/solid red; denim/solid red/blue and cream plaid.
Pouches 13, 14 and 15
Pouch 15 almost done; denim, royal blue, red, blue plaid, with lining of light blue with thin white stripes, showing the blue plaid zipper tabs as I finish attaching the pieces together
Pouch 15
Quilting the pieces for pouch 16, denim, burgundy, pink
Pouch 16
Three quilted and lined pieces of pouch 16; denim, pink, burgundy pouch, quilted and lined, attache and ready to add the zipper
Pouch 16
Almost finished pouch 16, showing the burgundy zipper tabs and the pink lining
Pouch 16
Pieces for pouch 17, denim, light blue, burgundy, mid-quilting
Pouch 17
Adding lining to quilted pieces for pouches 17 and 18; lining is light blue with white stripes; the outside of one of the two pouches is denim, light blue, salmon.
Pouches 17 and 18
Pouches 17 (denim, light blue, salmon) and 18 (denim, burgundy, light blue); quilted and lined pieces attached, zippers attach, adding the zipper tabs before sewing them closed
Pouches 17 and 18
Finished pouches 17 and 18, showing the different quilting designs. The top side on both is light blue and denim
Pouches 17 and 18
Finished pouches 17 and 18, bottom side, showing the different quilting designs
Pouches 17 and 18
The different parts of the last two pouches (denim, solid red, light blue, and denim, solid red, blue plaid), with the quilting lines drawn up. The lengths of zipper are cut and set on top of each set of pieces.
Pouches 19 and 20
Quilting the pieces for pouch 19, denim, red, blue plaid
Pouch 19
Pouch 19 (denim, light blue, red), with zipper and zipper tabs, waiting for the last two seams; pouch 20 (denim, red, blue plaid), zipper on, putting zipper tabs on
Pouches 19 and 20

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