Out of Nowhere, by Felicia Davin

22 Jun
Cover or Out of Nowhere; the background is a photograph of space, showing a star breaking the horizon of a planet, with space matter around. The foreground is the silhouette of a man composed of starlit sky.

The second book in the Nowhere trilogy, Out of Nowhere ratchets up the tension from Edge of Nowhere. I confess, I stalled somewhere around the halfway mark, not opening the book again for weeks. Eventually, trusting the author to fulfill the promise of a happy ending that’s the immutable part of genre romance got me over the emotional block.

Reader, beware: some sex on the page between two adult men, swearing, trauma from childhood and from recent forced experimentation, including starvation, and a bit of violence. The author has a very comprehensive list of warning and tags here, below the blurb.

Out of Nowhere, by Felicia Davin

And we are back! in a world (universe) where teleportation is as natural as walking for some of the population. This has created a thriving, and mostly underground, economy for the Runners, and an environment of distrust from the rest of the humans on Earth.

Of course, if you can travel in the space between dimensions, perhaps you can cross to a different, mirror one, and look for ways to fix your own.

Only life is never that easy.

Here’s the blurb:

Aidan Blackwood barely survived an unethical experiment by Quint Services. Researchers there robbed him of his ability to access the Nowhere, a void between worlds that allows him to teleport. Aidan plans to destroy the company and the man behind it, trillionaire Oswin Lewis Quint.

The problem? Aidan’s childhood best friend Caleb is the one who rescued him. Aidan’s spent years distancing himself from Caleb. It’s the only way to protect him from the dangers of Aidan’s life as a Nowhere runner—and the only way for Aidan to protect his fragile heart from unrequited love. Now Caleb is inextricably involved in Aidan’s most dangerous plan yet. Aidan’s already lost his power. He can’t lose the person he cares about the most.

Caleb lied his way into a secret Quint Services facility to rescue his best friend. He won’t be shut out of Aidan’s life now, even if it means risking his own life in Aidan’s wild scheme for revenge. As they pit themselves against a ruthless, corrupt trillionaire, Caleb worries that his unexplored feelings for Aidan might be love—and that he might not live long enough to find out.

The novel starts where Edge of Nowhere ends, with Aidan, Caleb, Kit, Emil, and the rest of the crew up in Facility 17 trying to figure out what to do next; not only about the results of the unethical, illegal experimentation run on Aidan, Laila, and Travis; or about the possibility that Solomon Lange, the missing head scientist, has been trapped somewhere in the Nowhere for weeks now; but also what to do about Quint, the powerful trillionaire behind it all.

The action soon moves from space to Earth, and while Laila and Kit are part of the action, and we are introduced to a few other characters, we are mostly in either Caleb’s or Aian’s heads for most of story–with one notable exception.

Aidan has always been in love with Caleb; he’s worked hard to keep his feelings to himself, and the fact that they’re friends private, because to know Aidan is to be at risk–like Quint’s latest stunt just proved.

After realizing that he’s not exactly straight, Caleb struggles to untangle his feelings for Aidan–let alone Aidan’s for him. And the fact that they’re running a con only makes everything more confusing.

There’s very little I can say about the plot without spoiling the book, which would really be a shame. Suffice it to say that there ar a lot of twisty turns, the stakes are high for the characters, and the pressure doesn’t really let up. Even in the moments where there’s a lot of talking and little happening, the weight of imminent danger looms large.

This is one of those times I was very, very grateful to know I could trust the author to fulfill the contract of genre romance; there were a few moments where my anxiety levels got really high, anticipating that piano falling on their heads.

The ending is very sweet in how…normal? No, prosaic is the better word for it. It’s sweet because it’s prosaic. After a life that’s been anything but, the future will be ordinary. And because Aidan and Caleb have been friends since young childhood, and know each other inside and out, I can absolutely believe they’ll make it work, whatever pressures the world throws at them.

Now, I mentioned above that I stalled halfway, and while it may be that the writing was more uneven here than in Edge of Nowhere (willaful also stalled, after all), in my case I think it boils down to terrible things happening everywhere. For weeks I was unable to finish any new-to-me books.

I am glad I came back to it, because once I got part that invisible, indefinable hump, I raced all the way through to the end, and I am now eager to read Nowhere Else, the last of the trilogy.

Out of Nowhere gets 8.75 out of 10

* * * *

1 Like many genre romance readers, I read mostly for the characters; the plot matters, of course, but if I can’t care about the characters, I won’t keep on reading, as reading is spending time with these people.

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