Crazy quilting: another zipper and/or drawstring pouch

24 Jun
Finished crazy quilting pouch flat on the desk, zipper open; the inner drawstring extension pulled out and stretch out showing the wooden beads on the side. There are some other wooden beads next to it as well as a sewing needle and thread nippers.

(Self-indulgent, image heavy post ahead)

I have been trying to avoid the news lately, because, after years of watching tRump destroy democracy in the USA, watching Democrats in control of the House, the Senate and the White House, do little to nothing to protect what’s left from a hard-right Christofascist-majority SCOTUS–let alone fix any of the myriad institutional systems that kill marginalized people by the dozen, every single day, is just…

Exhausting. Dispiriting. Soul destroying.

So hey, here’s some sewing for you.

The first section of crazy quilting done with small scraps of fabric from old clothes, sewn at weird angles; there are three kinds and shades of denim, and solid pink, light ble, royal blue, red, salmon, burgundy cottons and one small patch with a crazy design in pinks, blues, and whites.

After sewing the little patchwork pouches for the #RomancingTheVote auction, I was left with a pile of small offcuts from the different fabrics I was using, which were in fact from old cotton and cotton-blend clothes. Trying a bit of crazy quilting was an easy choice.

Finished crazy quilt pouch, standing, front view, zipper closed, leaning against the two previous iterations of the dual form pouch

Because I’m still on “all handsewing, all the time” mode, I chose to make another smallish zipper/drawstring pouch, similar to the ones in the shot above (you can see the also image-heavy posts on making the small one on the right here, and on making the larger one here).

Finished crazy quilt pouch, angled to show the bottom

I tweaked the pattern a bit, to have only one seam; given the many smaller seams already involved in joining the patches together, this reduced the bulk on the corners around the bottom.

Crazy quilt pouch, other side, zipper open, drawstring portion pulled up (no drawstring yet)

And I am very pleased by the contrast between the colors outside and the delicate light purple flowers of the drawstring section. It adds a lot of charm, I think.

Close up of the drawstring portion of the crazy quilting pouch
Finished crazy quilting pouch, shot from overhead, showing the drawstring portion folded inwards, with some wooden beads inside

It took me a bit to find wooden beads that fit in my stash of bits and bobs; I ended up using these green ones, which I first thought were just a bit too large, yet fit perfectly.

Another view of the finished crazy quilting pouch, with the drawstring portion pulled up and stretched open

I’m really happy with it.

Here’s wishing you all something you can focus on to rest your mind and lift your spirits in these terrible times, as a restorative before heading back to fight.

5 Responses to “Crazy quilting: another zipper and/or drawstring pouch”

  1. Miss Bates 24/06/2022 at 1:54 PM #

    They’re very pretty!

  2. Lori 24/06/2022 at 4:14 PM #

    Just the idea of hand stitching gives me hives. But everytime I see your pouches I’m completely *awwww*. Love it.

    • azteclady 24/06/2022 at 5:35 PM #

      Thank you!

      (You are the kindest person, saying the sweetest things)

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