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(Please note: unless otherwise noted, all reviews prior to January 2012 were originally posted at Karen Scott’s blog in the dates indicated in each review. Reviews written from April to May 2012, may have been posted here first, and at Karen’s blog a day or so later. Most/all re

(Please note: unless otherwise noted, all reviews prior to January 2012 were originally posted at Karen Scott’s blog in the dates indicated in each review. Reviews written from April to May 2012, may have been posted here first, and at Karen’s blog a day or so later. Most/all reviews listed here up to February 2018, had also been posted to the Literature forum at MyMedia, which is no more.)

In alphabetical order by title.

A Bravo’s Honor, by Christine Rimmer (Book 25, Bravos)

A Christmas to Remember anthology

A Duke In Shining Armor, by Loretta Chase (Book 1, Difficult Dukes)

“A Familiar Kind of Magic,” by Sylvia Day

“A Family for Christmas” by Marilyn Pappano (Book 1.5, Tallgrass) (A Christmas to Remember anthology)

A Gift of Ghosts, by Sarah Wynde (Book 1, Tassamara)

“A Gypsy’s Vow,” by Bonnie Dee

“A Handful of Gold” by Mary Balogh (The Heart of Christmas Anthology)

A Hearing Heart, by Bonnie Dee

A Heart of Blood and Ashes, by Milla Vane (Book 1, A Gathering of Dragons)

“A Hell of a Time” by Jackie Kessler (part of the Hell on Earth series)

“A Holiday by Gaslight” by Mimi Matthews

A Hunger Like No Other, by Kresley Cole (Story 2, Immortals After Dark)

“A Kiss of Frost,” by Michele Hauf (Winter Kissed anthology)

“A Kiss for Midwinter” by Courtney Milan (Book 1.5, Brothers Sinister)

“A Knight Before Christmas,” by Grace Burrowes (Christmas in the Duke’s Arms anthology)

A Man of His Word, by Sarah M. Anderson (Book 1, Lawyers in Love trilogy)

A Mansion for Murder, by Frances Brody (Book 13, Kate Shackleton)

A Morbid Taste for Bones, by Ellis Peters (Book 1, Brother Cadfael Chronicles)

A Not-So-Perfect Past, by Beth Andrews (Book 2, Serenity Springs novels)

A Rake’s Guide to Seduction, by Caroline Linden (Book 3, Exeters)

A Royal Affair, by Allison Montclair (Book 2, Sparks and Bainbridge)

A Soldier Comes Home, by Cindi Myers

A Soldier’s Return, by Judy Christenberry

A Touch of Stone and Snow, by Milla Vane (Book 2, A Gathering of Dragons)

“A Wolf To Watch Over Me,” by Sela Carsen

After Dark, by Jayne Castle aka Jayne Ann Krentz aka Amanda Quick (Book 1, Harmony)

After Glow, by Jayne Castle aka Jayne Ann Krentz aka Amanda Quick (Book 2, Harmony)

After the Night, by Linda Howard

“Agnes Moor’s Wild Knight”, by Alyssa Cole

All of Me, by Patricia Ryan

All Shook Up, by Susan Andersen

All U Can Eat, by Emma Holly

Allegiance of Honor, by Nalini Singh (Book 15, Psy/Changeling)

Almost a Gentleman, by Pamela Rosenthal

An American in Scotland, by Lucy Connelly (Book 1, Scottish Isle)

An Unseen Attraction, by K.J. Charles (Book 1, Sins of the City)

Angel’s Blood, by Nalini Singh (Book 1, Hunters Guild)

Anger is a Gift, by Mark Oshiro

“Animal Magnetism” by Maggie Shayne (Wild Thing Anthology)

As Darkness Falls, by Bronwyn Parry (Book 1, Dungirri)

As You Wish, by Cary Elwes

At the Midnight Hour, by Alicia Scott (Book 1, Guiness Gang)

Atlantis Awakening, by Alyssa Day (Book 3, Warriors of Poseidon)

Atlantis Rising, by Alyssa Day (Book 1, Warriors of Poseidon)

Atlantis Unleashed, by Alyssa Day (Book 5, Warriors of Poseidon)

Atlantis Unmasked, by Alyssa Day (Book 6, Warriors of Poseidon)

Avenging Angel, by Justine Dare

Baby, I’m Yours, by Karen Templeton (Book 3, Guys and Daughters)

Be With Me, by Maya Banks

“Beat of Temptation” by Nalini Singh (Story 1, Psy/Changeling) (Wild Invitation anthology)

Beautiful Girl, by Shiloh Walker

“Beauty and the Brute” by Virginia Henley (Lords of Passion Anthology)

Because Your Vampire Said So, by Michele Bardsley (Book 3, Broken Heart, Oklahoma)

Betting on Santa, by Debra Salonen (Texas Hold ‘Em continuity)

Between Love and Duty, by Janice Kay Johnson (Book 1, A Brother’s Word)

Bewitched, by Sandra Schwab

Beyond Heaving Bosoms: The Smart Bitches’ Guide to Romance Novels, by Sarah Wendell and Candy Tan

Beyond His Control, by Stephanie Tyler

Beyond Innocence, by Emma Holly (Book 1, Beyond novels)

Beyond the Rain, by Jess Granger (Book 1, Beyond series)

Big Bad Wolf, by Christine Warren (Book 1, The Others [revised and rewritten version of Fur Factor])

Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider’s Guide, by J. R. Ward

Black Hills, by Nora Roberts

“Black Leather Rose,” by Jules Jones

Black Rose, by Nora Roberts (In the Garden trilogy)

Blaze of Memory, by Nalini Singh (Book 7, Psy/Changeling)

Blind Passion, by Bonnie Dee (Book 1, Wyatt Brothers)

“Blood and Roses,” by Angela Knight (Burning Up Anthology)

Blue Dahlia, by Nora Roberts (In the Garden trilogy)

Bonds of Justice, by Nalini Singh (Book 8, Psy/Changeling)

Boots and Badges Anthology, by Rachel Lee (Conard County)

Branded by Fire, by Nalini Singh (Book 6, Psy/Changeling)

“Breaking Skye” by Eden Bradley
(originally published at

Bridal Jitters” by Jayne Castle aka Jayne Ann Krentz aka Amanda Quick (Charmed Anthology) (Book 0.5, Harmony)

Bride by Mistake, by Anne Gracie (Book 5, Devil Riders)
(originally published at BookThingo)

Broken Wing, by Judith James

Built to Last, by Erin Hahn

Burning Up Anthology

Busman’s Honeymoon, by Dorothy L. Sayers (Book 11, Lord Peter Wimsey)

Caine’s Reckoning, by Sarah McCarthy (Book 1, Hell’s Eight)

Captain Jack’s Woman, by Stephanie Laurens (Prequel to the Bastion Club)

Captivated, by Lauren Dane (Book 5, Federations / Book 3 Phantom Corps)

Captive Bride, by Bonnie Dee

Caressed by Ice, by Nalini Singh (Book 3, Psy/Changeling)

“Carolina Wolf,” by Sela Carsen (Book 1, Carolina stories)

Castle of the Wolf, by Sandra Schwab

Catify to Satisfy, by Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin

Charmed Anthology

Child of her Heart, by Cheryl St. John

Christmas Angel, by Jo Beverley (Book 3, The Company of Rogues)

Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor, by Lisa Kleypas (Book 1, Friday Harbor)

Christmas in the Duke’s Arms Anthology

Christmas Wolf Surprise, by Terry Spear (Book 3, Red Wolf)

Claiming the Courtesan, by Anna Campbell

“Claiming Their Mate,” by Paige McKellan (Feral Attraction Stories)

Cold-Hearted Rake, by Lisa Kleypas (Book 1, Ravenels)

Colters’ Woman, by Maya Banks (Book 1, Colters’ Legacy)

Committed, by Sidney Bristol (Book 1, Drug of Desire)

Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict, by Laurie Viera Rigler

Confessions of a Millionaire’s Mistress, by Robyn Grady

“Cooley’s Panther”, by Jody Wallace (Story 1, The Felidae)

Cry No More, by Linda Howard

Dark Desires After Dark, by Kresley Cole (Story 6, Immortals After Dark)

Dark Hunger, by Sara Reinke (Book 2, Brethren)

Dark Light, by Jayne Castle (Book 5, Harmony)

Dark Needs at Night’s Edge, by Kresley Cole (Story 5, Immortals After Dark)

Dark of Night, by Suzanne Brockmann (Book 14, Troubleshooters)

Dark Thirst, by Sara Reinke (Book 1, Brethren)

Death Angel, by Linda Howard

“Declaration of Courtship” by Nalini Singh (Story 9.5, Psy/Changeling) (Wild Invitation anthology)

Defy Not The Heart, by Johanna Lindsey (Book 1, Shefford Knights)

Desert Phoenix, by Suzette Bruggeman

“Dorian” by Nalini Singh (Story 5.5, Psy/Changeling) (Wild Embrace anthology)

“Dream a Little Dream” by Jill Shalvis (Book 8.5, Lucky Harbor) (A Christmas to Remember anthology)

Dreaming of You, by Lisa Kleypas (Book 2, Craven’s Gamblers)

Dukes Prefer Blondes, by Loretta Chase (Book 4, Dressmakers)

“Echo of Silence” by Nalini Singh (Story 2.5, Psy/Changeling) (Wild Embrace anthology)

Edge of Nowhere, by Felicia Davin (Book 1, Nowhere trilogy)

Eidolon, by Grace Draven (Book 2, The Wraith Kings)

Embraced by Love, by Suzanne Brockmann

“Empath,” by Bonnie Dee

Entangled, by Eileen Wilks (Book 1, Dynasties: The Ashtons continuity)

“Entwined” by Kristen Callihan (Book 3.5, Darkest London)

“Every Year” by Kristen Ashley (Book 2.5, Chaos) (A Christmas to Remember anthology)

Fateful Words, by Paige Shelton (Book 8, Scottish Bookshop)

Felicity Stripped Bare, by Vanessa Jaye

“Felix Navidad” by ‘Nathan Burgoine

Flesh, by Kylie Scott

“Flirtation of Fate” by Nalini Singh (Story 12.5, Psy/Changeling) (Wild Embrace anthology)

Flirting in Traffic, by Beth Kery

For the Love of April French, by Penny Aimes

Forever Your Earl, by Eva Leigh (Book 1, Wicked Quills of London)

Forgotten Marriage, by Paula Roe

Fragile, by Shiloh Walker

“Frozen,” by Meljean Brook

Funny Guy, by Emma Barry

Future Perfect, by Suzanne Brockmann

Gallant Officer, Forbidden Lady, by Diane Gaston (Book 1, Three Soldiers)

Gaudy Night, by Dorothy L. Sayers (Book 10, Lord Peter Wimsey)

Get a Clue, by Jill Shalvis

Ghost Hunter, by Jayne Castle (Book 3, Harmony)

Glass Houses, by Anne Stuart

“Gobsmacked,” by L.B. Gregg (Book 1, Men of Smithfield)

Gone Too Far, by Suzanne Brockman (Book 6, Troubleshooters)

Grimspace, by Ann Aguirre (Book 1, Sirantha Jax/Grimspace)

Guilty Needs, by Shiloh Walker

“Happy Ending,” by L.B. Gregg (Book 2, Men of Smithfield)

Harry Potter, by J. K. Rowlings (commentary, books 1 through 7)

Have His Carcase, by Dorothy L. Sayers (Book 7, Lord Peter Wimsey)

“Have Yourself a Messy Little Christmas” by Molly Cannon (Book 0.5, Everson, Texas) (A Christmas to Remember anthology)

Haven, by Rebekah Weatherspoon (Book 1, Bears and Bondage)

Having the Billionaire’s Baby, by Sandra Hyatt

Heiress for Hire, by Madeline Hunter (Book 1, A Duke’s Heiress)

Hell’s Belles, by Jackie Kessler (Book 1, Hell on Earth)

Heart Change, by Robin D. Owens (Book 8, Heart/Celta)

Heart Fate, by Robin D. Owens (Book 7, Heart/Celta)

HeartMate, by Robin D. Owens (Book 1, Heart/Celta)

Heart of Obsidian, by Nalini Singh (Book 12, Psy/Changeling)

Heart Thief, by Robin D. Owens (Book 2, Heart/Celta)

Heart Search, by Robin D Owens (Book 10, Heart/Celta)

Heaven Can Wait, by Cheryl St. John (book 2, Neubauer Brothers)

Her Montana Man, by Cheryl St. John

Her Secret Fling, by Sarah Mayberry

“Here There Be Monsters,” by Meljean Brook (Prequel, Iron Seas) (Burning Up Anthology)

His Secondhand Wife, by Cheryl St. John

Honey & Pepper, by A.. Demas (Book 1, When in Pheme)

Hope Ignites, by Jaci Burton (Book 2, Hope)

Hostage to Pleasure, by Nalini Singh (Book 5, Psy/Changeling)

Hot as Hell, by HelenKay Dimon

Hotel of Secrets, by Diana Biller

Hotter Than Hell, by Jackie Kessler (Book 3, Heall on Earth)

“How to Seduce a Wife” by Kate Pearce (Lords of Passion Anthology)

“Husband Material” by Brenda Jackson (In Too Deep Anthology, Book 2 A Summer of Scandal continuity)

“Ice Bound,” by Vivi Anna (Winter Kissed anthology)

In Hope’s Shadow, by Janice Kay Johnson (Book 2, Two Daughters)

“In the Duke’s Arms,” by Carolyn Jewel (Christmas in the Duke’s Arms anthology)

In The Garden trilogy, by Nora Roberts

In the Lives of Puppets, by TJ Klune

In Too Deep anthology (Book 2, A Summer of Scandal continuity)

Instant Attraction, by Jill Shalvis (Book 1, Wilder Adventures)

Into the Fire, by Suzanne Brockmann (Book 13, Troubleshooters)

It’s In His Kiss, by Julia Quinn (Book 7, Bridgertons)

Jane’s Warlord, by Angela Knight (Prequel, Time Hunters)

Just a Taste, by Bronwyn Jameson (Book 4, Dynasties: The Ashtons continuity)

Kiss and Hell, by Dakota Cassidy (Book 1, Demonic romances)

Kiss of Snow, by Nalini Singh (Book 10, Psy/Changeling)

Kiss of Steel, by Bec McMaster (Book 1, Steampunk London)

Lady Sophia’s Lover, by Lisa Kleypas (Book 2, Bow Street Runners)

Last Wolf Standing, by Rhyannon Byrd (Book 1, Blood Runners trilogy)

“Layover” by Katrina Jackson

“Learning To Live Again,” by Rachel Lee (Boots & Badges Anthology)

Left at the Altar, by Justine Davis (Book 2, Cameron/Holt trilogy)

“Licensed to Wed,” by Miranda Neville (Christmas in the Duke’s Arms anthology)

Lone Wolf, by Jennifer Ashley (Book 4.5, Shifters Unbound)

Long-lost Mom, by Jill Shalvis

Lord and Master, by Jules Jones (Book 1, Lord and Master)

Lord of Scoundrels, by Loretta Chase (Book 3, Débauchés)

Lords of Passion anthology

“Love Me Still,” by Maya Banks

Lover Enshrined, by J.R. Ward (Book 6, Black Dagger Brotherhood)

“Loving You is Easy,” by Rachel Lee (Boots & Badges Anthology)

“Mad Dog Love,” by Angela Knight (Shifter Anthology)

Magic Burns, by Ilona Andrews (Book 2, Kate Daniels)

Make it a Double, by Sawyer Bennett (Book 2, Last Call)

“Man in the Mirror” by Julie Beard (Charmed Anthology)

Manhunter, by Loreth Anne White

Marrying Winterborne, by Lisa Kleypas (Book 2, Ravenels)

Master of Dragons, by Angela Knight (Book 5, Mageverse)

Memory in Death, by J.D. Robb (Book 22, … In Death)

Michael’s Family, by Kathryn Shay

Mine Till Midnight, by Lisa Kleypas (Book 1, Hathaways)

Mine to Possess, by Nalini Singh (Book 4, Psy/Changeling)

Morning Glory, by LaVyrle Spencer

Mr Imperfect, by Karina Bliss (Book 1, Lost Boys trilogy)

Mr Irresistible, by Karina Bliss (Book 2, Lost Boys trilogy)

Mr Perfect, by Lindy Howard

Mr Unforgettable, by Karina Bliss (Book 3, Lost Boys trilogy)

Murder Against the Odds, by Janice Frost (Book 3, Warwick and Bell)

Murder on the Last Frontier, by Cathy Pegau (Book 1, Charlotte Brody)

My Way to Hell, by Dakota Cassidy (Book 2, Demonic Romances)
(originally published at RR@H Novel Thoughts)

Nighthawk, by Rachel Lee (Book 8, Conard County)

No Control, by Shannon K. Butcher (Book 2, Delta Force)

No Rest for the Wicked, by Kresley Cole (Story 3, Immortals After Dark)

Northern Lights, by Nora Roberts

“Not Quite a Courtesan,” by Maggie Robinson (Lords of Passion Anthology)

Nowhere Else, by Felicia Davin (Book 3, Nowhere trilogy)

On Borrowed Crime, by Kate Young (Book 1, Jane Does Book Club)

One Night of Scandal, by Elle Kennedy (Book 2, After Hours)

“One Night of Sin,” by Elle Kennedy (Book 1, After Hours)

One Night of Trouble, by Elle Kennedy (Book 3, After Hours)

Opening Up, by Lauren Dane (Book 1, Ink and Chrome)

Out of Nowhere, by Felicia Davin (Book 2, Nowhere)

Over My Dead Body, by Michele Barsdley (Book 5, Broken Heart, Oklahoma)

Over the Edge, by Suzanne Brockmann (Book 3, Troubleshooters)

“Pandora’s Box” by Eileen Wilks (Charmed Anthology)

Paper Cuts, by Ellery Adams (Book 6, Secret, Book and Scone)

“Paradise,” by Meljean Brook (Book 3, Guardians) (Wild Thing Anthology)

Parallel Attraction, by Deidre Knight (Book 1, Parallel series)

Parker’s Price, by Ann Bruce

“Partners in Persuasion” by Nalini Singh (Story 11.5, Psy/Changeling) (Wild Embrace anthology)

Play of Passion, by Nalini Singh (Book 9, Psy/Changeling)

Playing the Odds, by Nora Roberts

Premeditated Murder, by Ed Gaffney

Prince Joe, by Suzanne Brockmann (Book 1, Tall, Dark and Dangerous)

Private Arrangements, by Sherry Thomas

Promises in Death, by J. D. Robb (Book 28, …In Death)

Proof by Seduction, by Courtney Milan (Book 1, Carhart)

“Rachel’s Totem,” by Marie Harte (Feral Attraction Stories)

Radiance, by Grace Draven (Book 1, Wraith Kings)

Ravished, by Sandra Schwab (Book 3, Eagle’s Honor)

“Ready to Roll” by Suzanne Brockmann (Story 3, Izzy’s trilogy, Troubleshooters)

Red Lily, by Nora Roberts (In the Garden trilogy)

Red-Headed Stepchild, by Jaye Wells

Relentless, by Lauren Dane (Book 2, Federation)

“Renegade,” by Ann Aguirre (prequel to Sirantha Jax novels)

Rescue Me, by Christy Reece (Book 1, Last Change Rescue)

Ride the Fire, by Pamela Clare (Book 3, Blakewell/Kenleigh novels)

Riding on Instinct, by Jaci Burton (Book 3, Wild Riders)

Riding Tempation, by Jaci Burton (Book 2, Wild Riders)

Riding the Storm, by Sydney Croft (Book 1, ACRO)
(Originally published at The Good, The Bad and The Unread)

Risk, by Ann Christopher

“River of Teeth” by Sarah Gailey (Story 1, River of Teeth)

Rock Addiction, by Nalini Singh (Book 1, Rock Kiss)

“Rock Courtship,” by Nalini Singh (Book 2, Rock Kiss)

Rock Hard, by Nalini Singh (Book 3, Rock Kiss)

Rock Redemption, by Nalini Singh (Book 4, Rock Kiss)

Romancing the Duke, by Tessa Dare (Book 1, Castles Ever After)

“Rules of Engagement,” by Ann Bruce

“Runespell,” by Sela Carsen

Running Wild, by Sarah McCarty (Book 1, Dark Haven / Wild)

Saffron Alley, by A.J. Demas (Book 2, Sword Dance)

Salvation in Death, by J.D. Robb (Book 30, … In Death)

Sam’s Creed, by Sarah McCarty (Book 2, Hell’s Eight)

Scions: Insurrection, by Patrice Michelle (Book 2, Scions trilogy)

Scions: Resurrection, by Patrice Michelle (Book 1, Scions trilogy)

Scions: Revelation, by Patrice Michelle (Book 3, Scions trilogy)

“Sea Crossing,” by Virginia Kantra (Prequel, Children of the Sea) (Shifter Anthology)

Sea Witch, by Virginia Kantra (Book 1, Children of the Sea)

Second-Chance Family, by Karina Bliss

“Secrets at Midnight”, by Nalini Singh (Story 12.5, Psy/Changeling) (Night Shift Anthology)

“Seduced,” by Molly O’Keefe (Book 1, Into the Wild)

Shards of Hope, by Nalini Singh (Book 14, Psy/Changeling)

Shield of Winter, by Nalini Singh (Book 13, Psy/Changeling)

Shifter anthology (here, here and here)

“Shifter’s Lady,” by Alyssa Day (Shifter Anthology)

“Shifting Sea,” by Virginia Kantra (Prequel, Children of the Sea) (Burning Up Anthology)

Shooter, by Dahlia West (Book 1, Burnout)

Shorts (various authors)

Shotgun Wedding, by Maggie Osborne

“Show Me,” by Jaci Burton

“Silent Night” by Hope Ramsay (Book 6.5, Last Chance) (A Christmas to Remember anthology)

Silver Lining, by Maggie Osborne

Silver Silence, by Nalini Singh (Book 16, Psy/Changeling)

Silver Thaw, by Catherine Anderson (Book 1, Mystic Creek)

Simply Perfect, by Mary Balogh (Book 4, Simply)

Single Dads Club, by Therese Beharrie

Sins of the Night, by Devyn Quinn (Book 2, Kyth and Kynn)

Skies of Gold, by Zoë Archer (Book 5, Ether Chronicles)

Skintight, by Susan Andersen

Slave to Sensation, by Nalini Singh (Book 1, Psy/Changeling)

Slightly Married, by Mary Balogh (Book 1, Slightly/Bedwyn)

Slightly Dangerous, by Mary Balogh (Book 6, Slightly/Bedwyn)

Slumdog Millionaire, by Vikas Swarup

Snowball in Hell, by Josh Lanyon

So Close and No Closer, by Penny Jordan

Someone to Hold, by Mary Balogh (Book 2, Wescott Family)

Someone to Love, by Mary Balogh (Book 1, Westcott Family)

Someone To Watch Over Me, by Lisa Kleypas (Book 1, Bow Street Runners)

Someone to Wed, by Mary Balogh (Book 3, Westcott Family)

Some Kind of Hero, by Suzanne Brockmann (Book 17, Troubleshooters)

Son of the Morning, by Linda Howard

Spectred Isle, by K. J. Charles (Book 1, Green Men)

“Stalking Evan” by Jody Wallace (Story 2, The Felidae)

Standoff, by Lauren Dane (Book 5, Cascadia Wolves)

Stormy Nights, by Jules Jones and Stormy Duffy (Anthology)

Strange Love, by Ann Aguirre (Book 1, Galactic Love)

Strangers in Death, by J.D. Robb (Book 29, … In Death)

“Stroke of Enticement” by Nalini Singh (Story 3.5, Psy/Changeling) (Wild Invitation anthology)

Strong Poison, by Dorothy L. Sayers (Book 5, Lord Peter Wimsey)

Strong Wine, by A.J. Demas (Book 3, Sword Dance)

Suitable Bodyguard, by Kathryn Shay

Sweet Surrender, by Maya Banks (Book 1, Sweet novels)

Sword Dance, by A.J. Demas (Book 1, Sword Dance trilogy)

Take Me For A Ride, by Karen Kendall (Book 3, Artemis, Inc)

“Talking with the Dead,” by Shiloh Walker

Tall Dark Defender, by Beth Cornelison

Taming the Rake, by Erica Ridley (Book 1, Lords in Love)

Tangle of Need, by Nalini Singh (Book 11, Psy/Changeling)

“Tangled Dreams” by Lori Foster (Charmed Anthology)

“Tempted” by Molly O’Keefe (Book 2, Into the Wild)

Ten Things I Hate About The Duke, by Loretta Chase (Book 2, Difficult Dukes)

“Texture of Intimacy” by Nalini Singh (Story 13.5, Psy/Changeling) (Wild Invitation anthology)

“The Beast of Blackmoor” by Milla Vane (Prequel, A Gathering of Dragons) (Night Shift anthology)

The Book Club Murders, by Leslie Nagel (Book 1, Oakwood Mystery series)

The Boxing Baroness, by Minerva Spencer (Book 1, The Wicked Women of Whitechapel)

The Bravo Bachelor, by Christine Rimmer (Book 24, Bravo Family)

The Broken H, by J.L. Langley

“The Centurion’s Choice” by Sandra Schwab (Book 2.5, Eagle’s Honor)

The Christmas Murder Game, by Alexandra Benedict

The Complete Miss Marple Collection, by Agatha Christie (commentary, all of Miss Marple’s stories)

The Countess Lends a Hand, by Bonnie Dee

The Countess Takes a Lover, by Bonnie Dee

The Dark Gate, by Pamela Palmer (Book 1, Esri)

The Daughter of Time, by Josephine Tey (Book 5, Alan Grant series)

The Desert King, by Olivia Gates (Book 3, Throne of Judar trilogy)

The Desert King’s Pregnant Bride, by Annie West

The Desert Lord’s Baby, by Olivia Gates (Book 1, Throne of Judar trilogy)

The Desert Lord’s Bride, by Olivia Gates (Book 2, Throne of Judar trilogy)

The Dueling Duchess, by Minerva Spencer (Book 2, The Wicked Women of Whitechapel)

The First Move, by Jennifer Lohmann (Book 2, Milek Siblings trilogy)

The Girl Who Knew Too Much, by Amanda Quick

“The Governess Affair” by Courtney Milan (Prequel, Brothers Sinister)

The Hating Game, by Sally Thorne

“The Haunting of the Desks” by Allison Montclair (Book 2.5, Sparks and Bainbridge)

The Heart of Christmas anthology.

The Heiress Bride, by Madeline Hunter (Book 3, Duke’s Heiress)

“The Hottest One-Night Stand,” by Lisa Renee Jones

The House is on Fire, by Rachel Beanland

The Ideal Wife, by Mary Balogh

The Kraken King, by Meljean Broom (Book 4, Iron Seas)

“The Lady Always Wins,” by Courtney Milan

The Last Wolf, by Maria Vale (Book 1, The Legend of All Wolves)

The Lawrence Browne Affair, by Cat Sebastian

The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie, by Jennifer Ashley (Book 1, Mackenzies)

The Man with a Load of Mischief, by Martha Grimes (Book 1, Richard Jury)

The Masterful Mr Montague, by Stephanie Laurens (Book 2, Casebook of Barnaby Adair)

The Matrimonial Advertisement, by Mimi Matthews (Book 1, Parish Orphans of Devon)

The Mimicking of Known Successes, by Malka Older

The Missing, by Shiloh Walker (Book 1, FBI Psychics)

The Mistress Diaries, by Julianne MacLean (Book 2, Pembroke Palace)

The Mistress of Trevelyan, by Jennifer St Giles (Book 1, Trevelyan)

The Murderer’s Daughter, by Jonathan Kellerman

The Nine Lives of Christmas, by Sheila Roberts

The Once and Future Prince, by Olivia Gates (Book 1, The Castaldini Crown)

The Other Lady Vanishes, by Amanda Quick (Book 2, Burning Cove)

The Perfect Rake, by Anne Gracie (Book 1, Merridew sisters)

The Perils of Pleasure, by Julie Anne Long (Book 1, Pennyroyal Green)
(Originally published at The Good, The Bad and The Unread)

The Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett

The Pregnant Heiress, by Eileen Wilks (Fortune’s Children continuity)

The Return of Luke McGuire, by Justine Davis

The Right Sort of Man, by Allison Montclair (Book 1, Sparks and Brainbridge)

The Road to Hell, by Jackie Kessler (Book 2, Hell on Earth)

The Search, by Nora Roberts

The Secret Lives of Country Gentlemen, by K.J. Charles (Book 1, Doomsday)

“The Season for Suitors” by Nicola Cornick (The Heart of Christmas Anthology)

The Secret, by Julie Garwood

“The Seduction of Lord Stone,” by  Anna Campbell (Book 1, Dashing Widows)

“The Sheik’s Bargained Bride” by Olivia Gates (In Too Deep Anthology, Book 2 A Summer of Scandal continuity)

The Socialite’s Guide to Murder, by S.K. Golden (Book 1, Pinnacle Hotel)

The Society Catch, by Louise Allen

The Spook in the Stacks, by Eva Gates (Book 4, Lighthouse Library)

“The Spy Beneath The Mistletoe,” by Shana Galen (Christmas in the Duke’s Arms anthology)

The Summer of You, by Kate noble (Book 2, Blue Raven)

The Third Mrs Durst, by Ann Aguirre

The Time of Your Life, by Sandra Kitt (Book 2, Millionaires Club)

The Tycoon’s Pregnant Mistress, by Maya Banks (Book 1, The Anetakis Tycoons trilogy)

The Tycoon’s Rebel Bride, by Maya Banks (Book 2, The Anetakis Tycoons trilogy)

The Unexpected Wife, by Jess Michaels (Book 1, The Three Mrs trilogy)

“The Wallflower,” by Dana Marie Bell

“The Warlord Wants Forever” by Kresley Cole (Story 1, Immortals After Dark)

The Wishing Game, by Meg Shaffer

“The Witching Hour” by Anna Bradley

The Witness, by Nora Roberts

“The Year of the Crocodile” by Courtney Milan (Book 2.5, Cyclone)

The Year We Fell Down, by Sarina Bowen (Book 1, The Ivy Years)

Think of England, by K.J. Charles (Book 1, Think of England)

“This Wicked Gift” by Courtney Milan (Prequel, Carhart) (The Heart of Christmas Anthology)

Through The Veil, by Shiloh Walker

Trade Me, by Courtney Milan (Book 1, Cyclone)

“Treasure Hunting,” J.B. McDonald

Tribute, by Nora Roberts

Tucker, by Juliana Stone (Book 1, The Family Simon)

Tycoon’s One-Night Revenge, by Bronwyn Jameson

Unbound, by Lori Devoti (Book 1, Unbound)

Undercover, by Lauren Dane (Book 1, Federation)

“Unlocked” by Courtney Milan (Story 2, Turner series)

Unnatural Death, by Dorothy L. Sayers (Book 3, Lord Peter Wimsey)

Up Close and Dangerous, by Linda Howard

Vanguard, by Ann Aguirre (Book 4, Razorland)

Very Much Alive, by Dana Marie Bell

“Vicious Vixen,” by Shiloh Walker

Virgin River, by Robyn Carr (commentary, books 1 through 20)

Virgin Slave, Barbarian King, by Louise Allen

Visions of Heat, by Nalini Singh (Book 2, Psy/Changeling)

Wait ‘Till Your Vampire Gets Home, by Michele Bardsley (Book 4, Broken Heart, Oklahoma)

Wanderlust, by Ann Aguirre (Book 2, Sirantha Jax/Grimspace)

Warprize, by Elizabeth Vaughan (Book 1, Warland Chronicles)

Warrior, by Zoë Archer (Book 1, Blades of the Rose)

Welcome to Harmony, by Jodi Thomas (Book 1, Harmony TX)

What a Gentleman Wants, by Caroline Linden (Book 1, Reece Family trilogy)
(Originally published at The Good, The Bad and The Unread)

What a Scoundrel Wants, by Carrie Lofty

What Happens in Vegas… anthology

What the Librarian Did, by Karina Bliss

Where Dreams Begin, by Lisa Kleypas

“Where Love Lives,” by Rachel Lee (Boots & Badges Anthology)

“Whisper of Sin,” by Nalini Singh (Story 2, Psy/Changeling) (Burning Up Anthology)

Whistling in the Dark, by Tamara Allen

Whose Body? by Dorothy L. Sayers

Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night, by Kresley Cole (Story 4, Immortals After Dark)

Wicked Intentions, by Elizabeth Hoyt (Book 1, Maiden Lane) (review is part of a wider blog post)

Wild Embrace, by Nalini Singh (One-author anthology, Psy/Changeling)

“Wild Hearts in Atlantis,” by Alyssa Day (Book 2, Warriors of Poseidon) (Wild Thing Anthology)

Wild Hunt, by Lori Devoti (Book 3, Unbound)

Wild Instinct, by Sarah McCarty (Book 2, Dark Haven / Wild)

Wild Invitation, by Nalini Singh (One-author anthology, Psy/Changeling)

Wild Thing anthology (here and here)

Winter Kissed, by Michele Hauf and Vivi Anna

Witch in the House, by Jenna McKnight (Book 1, Witches of West Bluff)
(Originally published at The Good, The Bad and The Unread)

Without Words, by Ellen O’Connell

Witness in Death, by J. D. Robb (Book 36, …In Death)

Wolf Haven, by Lindsay McKenna (Book 9, Wyoming)

“Wolf Moon,” by Nora Roberts

“Woo Me” by Karina Bliss (Book 2, The Outback Bachelor Ball)

Worth Any Price, by Lisa Kleypas (Book 3, Street Bow Runners)

Worth: Lord of Reckoning, by Grace Burrowes (Book 11, Lonely Lords)

“Wrecked” by Meljean Brook (Book 3.4, Iron Seas)

Yesterday’s Gone, by Janice Kay Johnson (Book 1, Two Daughters)

“You Loving Me,” by Rachel Lee (Boots & Badges Anthology)

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